Acapulco Spring Break

Acapulco Spring Break

Although it feels like spring break in Acapulco year round, during March the city changes into a party paradise with Acapulco spring break vacationers. The Golden Zone along the Costera becomes alive with huge flocks of students and just about everyone else enjoying a great break in Acapulco. Together with Easter and the week after Christmas, Acapulco spring breaks are the high season for vacations in Acapulco.

The hotels and beaches are filled with 'hangover' gringas and gringos during the day, and the discos and bars are crammed with a blend foreigners and locals every night till the sun comes up. Acapulco spring break is one of the best times and a great occasion to meet new people and enjoy the company of the Mexican locals.

Acapulco spring break starts from the last week of February and continues through the month of March. This five weeks of spring seems to be the city's craziest times, starting from week one's 'full of fun on the edge of crazy' atmosphere with typical party craziness, sometimes out of control, till the fifth week. However, most of the students and visitors are only out to party, dance, and drink the night away and the city still keeps its safety and order.

If you're planning an Acapulco spring break vacation, you can either get a package through an agency, usually on your campus, or for more independence and flexibility, you can do you own reservations and choose a favorite club every night. The most famous Acapulco spring break hotels are Hotel Copacabana, Crowne Plaza, Hyatt Regency, and Fiesta Americana. However, if you're looking for something a little less expensive but still nice, the Romano Palace is a good choice. Reserving well ahead of time before your arrival is a must to avoid any problems.

During spring breaks, the most popular discos in Acapulco include Palladium, Mandara, El Alebrije, Disco beach, and Baby'O. All throughout March these discos are jam-packed and showing up by 11:00 is advisable to beat the crowd. The Paladium is one of the most popular Acapulco discos that feature an excellent atmosphere, service and view. If you're in this disco don't miss the silver fire dancer at 4:00am. This disco is overly crowded during spring breaks so you may want to put 'waiting' on your vocabulary. The Mandara is another disco which is in the prime location in Las Brisas, just a short walk from the Paladium and other restaurants. The club is very nice suited for couples and groups of four because of its layout which is a stadium with lots of tables and bars at the back. This night club is definitely elegant and beautiful for enjoying a date or being seen in the elite crowd.

Spending your spring break in Acapulco will absolutely give you a once in a lifetime experience with the city's natural beauty, lively night-life, as well as excellent Mexican spirit of the locals.
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