Acne blue light

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Acne Blue Light Therapy

One of the newest and hottest trends in the medical field today is the acne blue light therapy. Many researches and studies have been conducted on the acne blue light therapy and many have found out that this new method of treating acne really works. With the findings, many people have considered the acne blue light therapy as a major breakthrough and could be an excellent option for acne patients who have had minimal feat with the conventional therapies.

The primary function of acne blue light therapy is actually to knock out the acne-causing bacteria. It has been found out that blue light gets at the center of what triggers the acne eruptions, that is, P. acnes. P. acnes are the bacteria responsible for causing acne inflammation that pumps out tiny molecules known as porphyrins. Numerous studies and findings have noted that when those prophyrin are exposed to particular wavelengths of light, they basically emit free radicals that generally kill the bacteria. So, without the P. acnes around to trigger inflammation, the acne then clears up.

The acne blue light therapy has certain benefits. This method is highly considered as 100 percent natural and non-invasive. The acne blue light therapy is also drug-free without any form of unfavorable side effects. Many have even deemed that acne blue light therapy is safe for all ages as well as for daily use. It yields to pain and can be easily managed even in your own home.

In terms of the acne blue light therapy procedure, it is usually known that acne patients generally receive acne blue light therapy in increments. Usually, eight sessions are given over a four-week period and every session generally lasts for about 15 minutes. Many have deemed that the acne blue light therapy has no adverse effects knowing that this method only tends to have mild side effects which involve the temporary pigment changes, swelling of the treated areas, and dryness. Having these minor side effects, most of the experts conclude that the acne blue light therapy is but more effective for inflammatory acne lesions and may not be appropriate for patients who suffer from nodulocystic acne.

Today, the acne blue light therapy is known throughout the world as some advertisements on television, the Internet, and some other media feature it. The acne blue light products of today are known to have no ultraviolet (UV) light, which was considered as a staple of former light therapy employed for treating acne. It is now FDA approved and is widely used.

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