Acne laser surgery

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Acne Laser Surgery

Acne laser surgery is one of today's most expensive alternatives for treating acne with some acne laser treatments costing $200 per session. This option was developed having found out that lasers can aid to treat acne lesions and scars by inhibiting the growth of the acne-causing bacteria or by dwindling the sebaceous oil glands.

The term 'laser' actually stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The acne laser surgery greatly works by means of generating a concentrated beam of light that travels in one single path. It is the laser beam that is capable of cutting, sealing, and vaporizing the tissues of the skin as well as the blood vessels. The acne laser surgery has that great, unique ability to produce one particular color or wavelength of light which can differ in its intensity as well as pulse duration. It is interesting to know that it is the wavelength and power output of a particular laser that identifies its medical use.

The acne laser surgery is not an instant cure for acne. Although it is deemed so powerful for knocking out acne, the acne laser surgery does not completely get rid of acne, but to some degree, it can significantly enhance the overall appearance of the skin. It takes months and even years for the acne laser surgery to show effects.

The acne laser surgery is now commonly applied for treating the scars caused by acne. There are two major forms of lasers that are employed on an acne laser surgery. One of those is the resurfacing lasers, known as ablative lasers. This type of lasers being used in an acne laser surgery works to heat and eliminate the top skin tissue, which is usually done by burning away the scar tissue. Many experts have maintained that this laser is used in an acne laser surgery since they rouse the derma collagen to tighten which in turn helps to decrease the scars' visibility.

The other type of laser employed in an acne laser surgery is the non-ablative laser or non-wounding laser. This form of laser is highly employed in an acne laser surgery since it has the strength to trigger adjustments within the dermis without leaving harmful effects to the epidermis. This form laser used for an acne laser surgery is then something that can be done in your lunchtime recognizing that there a few side effects and the recovery is noted to be very quick.

Acne laser surgery today comes in different forms. There are the Smoothbeam and Clearlight, each is FDA approved acne laser surgery device that treat acne into certain degree. Many severe acne patients are now considering acne laser surgery for their skin condition.

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