Alcohol Addiction and Recovery Review

Alcohol Addiction and Recovery Review

There is a big difference when defining alcohol addiction from the modern social drinking. Basically, social drinking is often defined as the moderate intake of alcohol that usually happens during social gatherings or occasions like birthdays, weddings, reunions, etc.

While alcohol addiction is somewhat included in a person's lifestyle. Once attached to the lifestyle, it can't be concluded because of the addicted body's yearning for the drink. Alcohol addiction and recovery for people are involved only if they go into rigorous work to finally avoid the bad habit.

Alcoholism is a specific term for someone who is very much addicted or dependent on alcohol. The moment alcohol enters the picture and is difficult to dissolve in a person's way of living; it becomes a major problem that has destroyed a lot of relationships, career, and life.

Oftentimes, alcoholism brings a person into serious trouble like being caught in fights or drunk driving which can be fatal.

Tolerance is the time when the body craves for the presence of alcohol. Without help, a person can suffer deep consequences and end up getting rehabilitated. A lot of famous people have histories of alcoholism because they can afford such vice.

When alcohol is taken away, the addicted person will convey certain signs and symptoms that are often associated with withdrawal syndrome such as anxiety, nausea and shakiness. If the withdrawal is not handled, it can lead to severe cases of hallucinations, seizures and death.

When does alcoholism occur? Alcoholism occurs when a person takes as much as he or she can handle. Normally, alcohol is taken only for a glass or two. But in the case of alcoholism, if a person drinks more than three to four bottles of alcohol a day, everyday, it can be concluded as a sign of alcoholism.

Effects on behavior

Subtle changes can be determined during earlier stages of addiction which manifests inconsistency in a person's behavior. Alcohol affects the person through the way he or she handles a specific situation. It seems as though there's no right decision and issues are brought up because of the triggering effects of alcohol in the body.

Signs of alcohol addiction

1. Frequency. If a person keeps on making certain excuses just to get his or her way to drink even a glass of alcohol, this can be a start. Note how many times that person drinks alcohol.

2. Solitude. It can be for past time or for primitive reasons, but if the person wanted to be alone and keep himself isolated in one place to drink he may be at the mercy of addiction.

3. Hostility. Oftentimes, a person who doesn't want to be asked uneasy questions can become hostile. In the case of alcoholism, for example, when a husband is asked by his wife if he had been consuming alcohol again, and the husband answers indifferently and aggressively, it can only be stated that he is into alcoholism.

4. Exhibiting odd behavior. These behaviors can be associated with tolerance to alcohol, uncontrolled drinking, craving for more, depression, violence, decreased ability to solve even the easiest of problems.

There is a solution

Because alcoholism is not healthy at all, it can be prevented and resolved with proper maintenance and time. Interventions can be focused on counseling with the help of the closest people and the addicted person can also undergo treatment programs that can completely rehabilitate him from alcohol. Addiction and recovery of alcoholism is prominent in today's society.

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