Barking Dog Alarm System

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Barking Dog Alarm System

Summary: These dogs sound real and nasty. Man, even cats and other dogs, will scamper away after hearing the barking dog alarm system

Thieves and burglars are getting smarter, if not better. Indeed, they do. Recent studies show that most burglary happens when people are away from homes, regardless whether alarm systems are installed or not. Why, because the alarm won't be alarming anyone within the hearing vicinity of the alarm. Especially true on houses that have expansive lots and neighbors with glass sealed windows.

The newest alarm innovation is the barking dog alarm system. Even the most seasoned or jaded housebreaker will have second thoughts on hearing the nastiest growl and bark of an angry dog, especially if the dog that emits the sounds is real large.

One particular barking dog alarm system, the Rex Plus Electronic Barking Dog Alarm emulates the convincing bark of a true to life angry German Shepherd. And in case you don't know, these canine breed are used as police dogs for their fierceness and resilience in facing intruders. For an added effect, the closer the intruder attempt to go the more heated and threatening the bark will become, just exactly like the real ones.

With microwave technology, this electronic barking dog alarm system is able to "see' through walls and actually determines when someone is approaching. The system identifies how close the intruder is. And this barking dog alarm system is surprisingly cheap at $79.95.

Barking dog alarm systems are slowly becoming a favorite burglar alarm over the standard wail and siren. So, when it becomes rather common, the learning burglar will start to take notice. That's why more intelligent designs are introduced in the market. Some designs, like the X10 Robo Dog is a barking dog alarm system that allows you to remotely control the bark by a remote keychain. Of course the alarm can still be triggered via motion detectors. The keychain remote is only to produce the unsystematic barking much like of a real dog. Also, this is a handy gadget to have against noisy trespassers who need to get off the vicinity of your property quickly. This barking dog alarm system will help them if need be.

But one cool feature of X10 barking dog alarm system is the added realism with lights. To effectively emulate occupancy, after programmable delay, selected lights are turned on. Added realism indeed; if any of the intruders will notice the bedroom windows turned on after a mad barking of a rottweiler, he'd be convinced that someone is going for his hunting rifle if the rottweiler won't reach him first. Why not turn on all the lights outside?

With our present technology, the capacity to encode a real and convincing bark is no big feat. Rest assured, these dogs sound real and nasty, even cats and other dogs will scamper away after hearing the barking dog alarm system.
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