an antitheft alarm systems

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Antitheft Alarm Systems

Antitheft alarm systems were once found only on establishments and homes of rich and famous people. However, antitheft alarm systems are now commonly found on the homes of 'average Joes' in the United States. Ranging from simple 'do it yourself' antitheft alarm systems to 'state of the art' sophisticated antitheft alarm systems, from wired alarm systems to wireless alarm systems, antitheft alarm systems provides protection against thieves.
There are two kinds of antitheft alarm systems. These are open circuit antitheft alarm systems and closed circuit antitheft alarm systems. In open circuit anti-theft alarm systems, the alarms are triggered when its circuit is closed (the opening of a window or door will complete the circuit). While in closed circuit anti-theft alarm systems, the alarm is set off when the circuit is opened or broken, the exact opposite of 'open-circuit anti-theft alarm systems'.
Some anti-theft alarm systems have video cameras and motion sensors. Surveillance cameras monitor the perimeter and record events of burglary. Surveillance cameras must be placed on strategic and inconspicuous locations. Some surveillance system record images when the motion sensor detects movements on a particular room or hallway. Motion sensors detect any movement that occurs inside the establishment or house. The sensitivity level of motion sensors can be adjusted so that the anti-theft alarm will not be set off accidentally by animals around the house. Motion sensors are ideal for large areas like hallways and large rooms. Some anti-theft alarm systems have magnetic sensors on windows and doors so that if the windows and doors are opened by burglars, an alarm will be set off.
Some anti-theft alarm systems are monitored by security companies on a monitoring station. These monitoring stations are manned by security specialist. In an event when the anti-theft alarm is triggered, these security specialists will then determine if the alarm is false or not. If the alarm is not false then the specialist will then notify the local law enforcement agency and the owner of the house or establishment.
The four mostly used types of anti-theft systems are the 'single premise alarm systems', 'local alarm systems', 'telephone dialer systems' and 'monitored security systems'. The single premise alarm systems protect specific things in the same way as door alarms. The local alarm systems will trigger an audible alarm in case of unauthorized entry and they are not monitored by a security company. The telephone dialer is a type of security system that will automatically dial an emergency number like the police or fire department if the alarm is triggered. The monitored security system is the most effective and reliable of all systems because it is monitored round the clock by a monitoring station.
So if you want to have your property and loved ones protected, have your home and business installed with a antitheft alarm system.
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