Amino Acid Tablets

Amino Acid Tablets

Amino acids are essential to the body; they are the building blocks of protein. Through assimilation of amino acids, the body is able to produce over fifty thousand proteins and over fifteen thousand enzymes. Amino acids are not only responsible for producing the body's enzymes but also plays an important role in normalizing moods, attention, sleep, concentration, and aggression.

Amino acids are classified into two types: nonessential and essential amino acids. Nonessential amino acids are those amino acids that the body can synthesize from other sources in the body, while the essential amino acids are those that can only be taken from the diet because they cannot be manufactured by the body. These classifications however does not mean that the nonessential amino acids are not important to the body as all amino acids are very vital to the fulfillment of their functions in the human body. In fact, amino acids are so essential to the body that a deficiency in one need to be replaced as it can cause health problems.

Amino acids that cannot be produced by the body should be taken through dietary sources, most of which come from plant and animal sources. However, amino acids dietary supplements in the form of amino acid tablets have also been a means for people to be able to complete their body's amino acid requirements. Here are some of those amino acid tablets that are available in the market:

Amino Acid Complex by Bronson Laboratories (750mg. 250Tablets)
These amino acid tablets are a combination of eighteen occurring amino acids from an enzymatic digest of lactalbumin, a milk protein. High percentages of the amino acids are represented in their free forms due to this predigestive process. Amino acids in their free forms do not need to be digested and so absorption by the body may occur faster.
Price: $14.98

Vitalabs Amino Acid Complex (2200mg 325 Tablets)
These amino acid tablets are amino acid high potency dietary supplement, and are pharmaceutical grade amino acids derived from Casein. The amino acid tablets are peptide bond with free form. And contains 2200mg of protein made from a blend of free form amino acid and peptide bond.
Price: $40.98

Doctor's Trust L-Carnitine (500 mg 240 Tablets)
These amino acid tablets promote heart health, help burn fat and cholesterol, and aids in energy production and weight management.
Price: $25.99 (promo price at original price: $129.99

Source Naturals reduced L-Glutathione (250 mg 30 Tablets)
These amino acid tablets are a potent antioxidant and work in the liver to protect the body from harmful substances and also functions as a precursor to glutathione peroxides (key antioxidant enzyme), which can protect against lipid peroxidation. These tablets are composed of the amino acids L-glutamic acid, L-cysteine, and Glycine.
Price: $16.50

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