Hearing The Voice Talking To Angels

Hearing The Voices: Talking To Angels

How many times have we felt that somebody is watching us. There are moments when we feel that somebody is actually watching and protecting us. Don't worry, they are not stalkers. They could be your angels.

Angels are said to be messengers of God. Not only do they communicate with God, but they also communicate with humans. Actually, some would believe that everybody has their own angels. But is it really possible to talk and communicate with angels? Some would say that angels communicate with humans through mental telepathy and do not usually uses words to say what they would like to say.

A lot of people are testifying to angelic encounters and at the same time writing down their encounters so that people would also understand the supernatural beings' calling. Some would say talking to angels actually help them deal with challenges in their life. They would also feel being protected from bodily harm and at the same time recovering from serious mental and physical injuries.

How do you start talking to them?

You just start talking. You can ask for their guidance and support through your everyday life. You can ask for peace in life or just talk to them about how you feel and what you think about life. Just like anybody else, you cannot have anything unless you ask for it. Sometimes all you need to do is just ask.

Now, communication is a two-way process. You talk, others listen. But you have to listen too. Listening to angels does not need to be aloud nor require psychic powers. Angels are said to communicate through mental telepathy. So to hear and understand them, we would have to listen very hard. Some would meditate to be able to hear their angels.

Aside from listening, you could also try understanding different things that fall on our path. Angels work with coincidences. Angels would put things on our path, that sometimes we would ignore. We need to pay more attention to these 'coincidences', since these may contain the answers and the messages that we are looking for.

When these situations happen to us, our first reaction would be fear. Fear for the unknown and fear of failure. But we must be ready to accept, receive without any expectations. Let us enjoy the symbolisms that angels have provided us and understand their meaning and their relevance to our lives.

Actually, our angels may have been talking to us for a long time already but we fail to either listen carefully or understand their signs. We are living in a very fast-paced life, than even cooking for more than 15 minutes is a luxury of time. We can find it difficult to allot time to listening to something that we are not sure that we ca hear anyway.

We have to have faith. Faith is very difficult to hold onto. It is also something challenged in today's world and culture. With the very much improvement of science and technology, people seem to be doubtful of the divine. Aside from meditation, prayer is also an effective way of getting in touch with your angels and with God.

Talking to our angels is not to get even with somebody or get rich by winning the lottery, it is to enrich our souls and lives and help those who are also having the same issues like us. This is actually a road to a better life.

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