Antigua Sailing Week

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Antigua Sailing Week

So, you are a water enthusiast brave enough to conquer the huge waves in one of the islands in the Caribbean? If you are in for an ultimate ride of your life then here is the Antigua Sailing Week.

One of the major regattas in the world, the Antigua Sailing Week is held every once a year in the end of the month of April. It is number one in the entire globe and also on tonnage. Hundreds of boats of all classes from different corners of the planet literally come to this Caribbean island with that sole purpose to race. This contest is grounded on sportsmanship but hold on to your seats because it can get really fierce.

The Antigua Sailing Week entails a lot of time, money and preparation for those who are really decided to win. They are required to cruise at the open seas between a long stretch of 16 and 28 miles. It needs a considerable amount of stamina and hard- earned discipline just to keep up with the pace.

Aside from the vessel crews, the Antigua Sailing Week draws a lot of crowds. The spectators flock at the vantage points from the hills that have become ideal spots from where to watch the hundreds of boats streaked like elaborate pieces of paper scattered across the Caribbean Sea. This has also benefited a lot to their tourism as there has been a great amount of media coverage and large companies that sponsor the event such as American International Bank, Amex, Bacardi, Rolex and Suzuki.

Antigua Sailing Week is not just all about a tough match- up on the ocean, it is also spells partying the night away. What they call as Lay Day on a Wednesday, is supposedly for rest for all the boat crews but they have begun to head to the Falmouth Harbour where the action takes place. They cram themselves into an area in their dinghies and just about anywhere else to have loads of fun with music, food and drinks.

When the boat crews set sail on the Caribbean seas, there are also accompanying activities on the dry ground. There is Dockyard Day that happens on a Saturday where it is jampacked with dinners and games. It includes the wobbly greasy pole event and tug- of- war, to mention the least. There is also the presentation of prizes at the Old Officers' Quarters in Nelson's Dockyard given by no less than the Minister of Tourism and other dignitaries present. At about six in the evening, the Royal Antiguan Police Band plays 'Beat The Retreat' that makes everyone on the dance floor to groove.

The Lord Nelson's Ball is the grand finale of the Antigua Sailing Week. It is something more formal where all the boat crews are given a recognition they deserve but most of all, the champion awarded with a trophy and cold cash.

On April 29 to May 4, 2007, history will once again mark itself for the next Antigua Sailing Week. For more information, log on to

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