Antigua Scuba Diving

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Scuba Diving in Antigua

Dreaming of having to immerse even more in the cool waters of the Caribbean Seas? If there is one activity that will take you to the mystical underwater world where you will get to meet the likes of Nemo the clownfish, Sebastian the crab, Usrula the octopus and Willy the whale, then you have to experience scuba diving in Antigua.

Known to be the twin island of Barbuda, this country has already established a name for itself that has taken tourists captive of its effortless beauty. To discover more of that, here are three great sites for scuba diving in Antigua:
* Sandy Island
Dwelling to plenty of charming gorgonians and sea fans, the Sandy Island offers shelter for the colorful reef fish. Laying along the Garden Eels in the nearby sand are sting rays that often sway with currents. There is also sunken barge that is a great hiding place for the likes of nurse sharks, caribbean spiny lobsters and moray eels.
Located just outside the harbor of Saint John, Sandy Island is only a 15- minute boat trip to the downtown dock. It has four areas for an ultimate scuba diving in Antigua:
- TITV which is 20- 40 feet in depth
- The Barge which is 25- 45 feet in depth
- Jewel Box which is 25- 45 feet in depth
- The Ledge which is 25- 60 feet in depth

* Cades Reef
A barrier reef that stretches parallel to the southwestern coast, Cades Reef is located at about 50 minutes ride by boat from the capital city of Saint John. It is where you will see large amount of soft corals including sea fans together with abundantly bright aquatic life. Divided into outer area and protected inner reef, Cades Reef is the ideal location for the experts. Huge creatures such as barracudas, moray eels, lobsters, eagle rays and nurse sharks thrive in the outer reef. As for the protected inner reefs, it advisable to stay there when the sea conditions are a little bit rough. It has seven areas for an ultimate scuba diving in Antigua:
- Bush Gardens which is 20- 45 feet in depth
- Monks Head which is 20- 35 feet in depth
- Lobster Ledge which is 45- 80 feet in depth
- Carolines Achor which is 35- 50 feet in depth
- Snapper Ledge which is 45- 45 feet in depth
- Bluff Cut which is 55- 70 feet in depth
- Oooops which is 45- 60 feet in depth

* Ariadne Shoal
For the real test of adventure, Ariadne Shoal is right place to be. This is where you will encounter much more bigger mammals like turtles, nurse sharks, blacktip reef sharks, horse- eye jacks and grunts.
Seven miles away from the west coast of the islansdm Ariadne Shoal derived its name from a ship that was wrecked there. It has six areas for an ultimate scuba diving in Antigua:
- Soft Wille which is 45- 60 feet in depth
- Mings Bank which is 40- 55 feet in depth
- Little Wille which is 45- 60 feet in depth
- The Cave which is 55- 60 feet in depth
- Grunts which is 45- 55 feet in depth
- Zurich Train Station which is 45- 55 feet in depth

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