Black Birki Antigua

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Black Birki Antigua

Before you go to the beach, you first spend a good amount of your time deciding what to wear. But while people spend lots of dollars in a gorgeous outfit, only very few actually pay attention to footwear. They think that there's no need to because not many people actually look at your shoes or sandals when you go out.

However, these people are wrong. Just as your eyes would look utterly weird deprived of eyelashes and eyebrows, your outfit, no matter how glamorous, will look despondent if paired with shoes that don't match.

Having the perfect pair of footwear will not only complement your outfit but will also contribute to your looks. You will feel more confident as you sashay around the beach or simply relax on a hammock with the Caribbean sun warming you up on fuzzy afternoons.

One example of footwear that will turn your outfit from hot to hot is the Black Birki Antigua by Birkenstock Footwear. The company has been around for over 200 years, providing fine quality footwear designed with maximum comfort in mind. One such design is the Black Birki Antigua.

Durable Elegance

The Black Birki Antigua is durable footwear made from resilient cork, providing good cushioning for your feet. The straps are lined with elegant black suede leather, smooth to the touch but extremely resilient even in the toughest weather or the roughest seas.

Although the Black Birki Antigua was designed specifically for beach use, the sandals are exactly the kind of footwear you would wear just about anywhere. Casual, yet elegant, the Black Birki Antigua may be worn when you go for a leisurely stroll down the street or shopping in the mall or local shops.

Comfort, Style

Your feet have distinct curvatures. To ensure maximum comfort, you need footwear that conforms to these curves. The Black Birki Antigua has a foot bed design that is made to fit the natural curves of wearer's feet. Not only does this ensure comfort, but also support. As an added perk, the ergonomic design of the Black Birki Antigua encourages foot health by supporting normal walking.

When you walk, most of your weight is supported by the muscle padding under your heels. With other sandals, this padding is compromised because of their flat foot bed. The Black Birki Antigua is distinct, however, in that it sports a deeper heel cup design. The extra indentation ensures that your weight is adequately supported by your heels.


As a beach sandal, the Black Birki Antigua comes with features that make it perfect for the sand. It has a non-skid surface that can hold your feet steadily to the ground. This helps ensure that you won't slide on wet or slippery surfaces, like beachside sand.
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