Cades Reef Antigua

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Cades Reef Antigua

Nestled between the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and the mighty North Atlantic Ocean, Antigua is almost completely surrounded by well-preserved coral reefs, walls, and shelfs. Being as it is, it's no wonder then that many people equate Antigua with great diving in the Caribbean.

In fact, both Antigua and Barbuda, two islands comprising one nation, boast excellent shallow dive spots that are some of the best in the Eastern side of the Caribbean. However, of the two, Antigua has the most number of dive sites.

Diving in Antigua

The shelfs surrounding the southern and eastern coasts of Antigua and virtually the entire coast of Barbuda contribute a lot to the excellent conditions of Antiguan waters. There is almost no current whatsoever in most places and the water temperatures averages about 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Centigrade. Additionally, underwater visibility is somewhere between 50 and 140 ft., thus ensuring that you get a spectacular view of Antigua's diverse and plentiful tropical marine plants and animals.

Cades Reef Antigua: Shallow Diving and Underwater Park

Among the most popular dive spots in Antigua is Cades Reef Antigua, an offshore site that stretches for about 2.5 miles.

Cades Reef Antigua is actually a barrier reef that runs parallel to the southwest coast of Antigua. It is only about 50 minutes by boat from the capital of St. John's. The reef provides with a collection of numerous dive spots, each offering large amounts of soft corals such as sea fans as well as a colorful marine life.

Cades Reef Antigua is divided into two sections - the outer area where divers and snorkelers can swim around to their heart's desire and the protected inner reef where much of Antigua's rich marine life begins.

The outer reef is where you can find a variety of large animals, such as barracudas, green and spotted moray eels, lobsters, eagle rays, and nurse and reef sharks. The sea conditions here are pretty consistent but if the waves get a little rough, divers typically head for the more sheltered sites inside the Cades Reef Antigua itself.

A part of Cades Reef Antigua has been turned into the Underwater Cades Reef Antigua Park, providing excellent shallow diving and snorkeling. Here, anyone can experience the joys of world famous diving in Antigua, no matter what diving level you are in or whether you are seasoned as a diver or just a beginner.

Other dive spots found in Cades Reef Antigua include the following:

* Bush Gardens has a depth of 20-45 ft.
* Monks Head has a depth of 20-35 ft.
* Lobster Ledge has a depth of 45-80 ft.
* Caroline's Anchor has a depth of 35-50 ft.
* Snapper Ledge has a depth of 45-75 ft.
* Bluff Cut has a depth of 55-70 ft.
* Oooops has a depth of 45-60 ft.

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