Beaulieu Area Rugs

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Beaulieu Area Rugs

Founded in 1978 by Mieke and Carl Bouckaert, the Beaulieu of America has long been considered as the first producer of polypropylene oriental area rugs. All of their products are designed and marketed with the best material and technology to meet the ever growing demand for the top quality area rugs. And, with the company's strong commitment and dedication to manufacturing high quality area rugs, it's no wonder that today Beaulieu has successfully produced thousands of long lasting oriental area rugs and carpets.

There are a number of options available in the line of Beaulieu area rugs. One of the best known is the so-called 'Carefree Living', which is but one of the newest innovations in the line of Beaulieu's oriental rugs. According to some reviews, what actually set this line great is that all are made from the best fiber with nylon warranties. All of the designs included in this line are considered for one particular purpose - to provide you a new rug that boasts a built-in extra value.

There is also the line known as 'Styled for Living'. Basically, the Beaulieu area rugs included in this set are noted for their extra luxurious feel and texture. Many of those who have purchased these products have claimed that the Styled for Living area rugs of Beaulieu provide a big hand feel with the word 'value' on it. This line carries a Permashield 10 year stain and 10 year wear warranty, plus there is a 5 year texture warranty for retention. Perhaps another great thing to note about this line of Beaulieu area rugs is that they are all built inherently resistant to the abrasion that comes from the accumulated soils and dirt. They are also highly resistant to fading and all feature an advance built in static control which is designed specifically for enhanced comfort. And did you ever wonder why the Style for Living Beaulieu area rugs feels luxurious? The reason is they are made from polyester fibers.

The Beaulieu area rugs are also noted for the line Coronet Classics. Several reviews have it that this line is really ideal for those who love the classic style of living. It was built with classic designs, yet they are highly fashionable and beautiful in style. Of all the available lines of Beaulieu area rugs, this is so far the people's favorite.

Speaking of favorite, the Berber Fashions of Beaulieu is also favored by many. These rugs are designed with the superb combination of Berber styles, hence the name. They are highly fashionable and all are deemed capable of providing the right combination of style and quality to enhance the look and feel of your own home. There is a new version to this line though, and that is named Coronet Berber.

The Beaulieu of America has developed new sets of area rugs, including the commercially-built Work and Leisure, the naturally-built Second Nature, and of course the leader in color, style and innovation Elements.

You can select your best option of Beaulieu area rugs based on those lines.

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