Arthritis Pain Reliever

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Arthritis Pain Reliever

According to the Arthritis Foundation, approximately 43 million Americans suffer the painful symptoms of arthritis and rheumatoid conditions. The Center for Disease Care and Prevention (CDC) upped the numbers even more with an estimated 70 million people - that is, one out of three in the United States has arthritis.

There are hundreds of different kinds of arthritis but all of them have the same common symptoms: pain and stiffness of the joints, surrounding synovium and other connective tissues. In some cases, the pain can become so severe that moving is out of the question. And yet, new research shows that constant motion is one way of reducing the stiffness suffered by arthritic patients.

So how do you relieve the pain that comes with arthritis?

The most common treatment involves drugs, such as NSAIDs, BRMs, and DMARDs. Doctors have been prescribing over the counter drugs like analgesics as arthritis pain relievers for years. Alternatively, you could also try natural remedies as a newer method of alleviating pain. Below is a brief discussion of the different methods of relieving pain suffered by arthritic patients.

Arthritis Pain Reliever Medication

Divided into three broad categories, arthritis pain reliever medication can be Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), narcotic pain medications, and steroids. All three are easy to obtain with NSAIDs often sold over the counter. They are the most commonly prescribed arthritis pain relievers by doctors.

NSAIDs and its derivative, the COX-2 Inhibitor, work as arthritis pain relievers by inhibiting the production of the enzyme catalyst called cooxygenase. This enzyme is responsible for the release of prostaglandins, a substance that is directly involved when inflammation occurs around the joints. By interfering with the production of prostaglandins, NSAIDs, therefore, prevent inflammatory response and decrease pain suffered by patients with arthritis.

The effect of this arthritis pain reliever drug varies from individual to individual and depends on several different factors. That is why it is recommended that the patient take an active part in determining which drug suits him or her. The NSAID that can reduce the pain most effectively without causing any undesirable side effects should be the one chosen as arthritis pain reliever.

Natural Arthritis Pain Relievers

Natural arthritis pain relievers can offer a safe and natural solution for those who are hesitant to depend solely on over the counter pain relievers to ease the pain that comes with arthritis. These alternatives are sold in supplement forms and have been the subject of many studies that more or less prove their efficacy as arthritis pain relievers. These include:

* Glucosamine and chondroitin - Two naturally occurring substances that aid in joint repair and function. They can also slow disease progression, particularly with osteoarthritis.
* MSM - A natural compound with a sulfur base. This natural arthritis pain reliever acts as an anti inflammatory, helping reduce swelling and pain.
* SAMe - Reduces swelling and improves mobility.
* Boswellia - Herbal extract with natural anti inflammatory properties.
* Turmeric - A natural pain reliever.

All these can act as arthritis pain relievers, helping you cope with the painful symptoms of arthritis. However, while they can greatly reduce the pain, they should not be taken in as cures.
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