17Pictures Can Be Artifacts to the Past

Pictures Can Be Artifacts to the Past

Do you enjoy taking pictures and collecting the photographs in scrapbooks, photo albums or online on their own special place?
Of course you do! Most people do and they love to take picture after picture of everything from a random night out with
friends, to pictures of their family and children to photos of their vacations to every corner of the globe.

Why do people love taking pictures so much? Well, look at the reasons why you like taking photos. You like to take photos
because it is a reminder of the good times and of the bad times. In essence, photos serve as your very own historical
artifact to the past and allow you to remember events that have memories that fade with the passing years.

Pictures are personal artifacts that tell the story of you. You can look at other people's photos and never really truly
understand what they were feeling when the picture was taken. But you can easily take a picture of something and remember
your exact feelings years later.

So, do not miss an opportunity to take photos at every instance you can. You never know when that moment will be snapped
away from you, never to be seen again. Remember the faces of your children and relatives as they grow older and remember
what your parents looked like while they were young. Photographs allow you to do all of that.

Also, pass on the importance of photos to your family and friends. They will most likely already be aware of the importance
of creating photo artifacts, but you will want to make sure that they agree that taking as many photos as possible in life
is a good idea. That way, they will possibly get a picture that you were not able to get and you can share in that memory
with them.

Photo artifacts do not have to be overly mushy either. They can show the raunchy and crazy experiences you have had in your
life and serve as a reminder of the good time along with the happy and sad times.

You can tell your family story through pictures as well. Photos of births, weddings, funerals and other family events will
show a lot about the way you feel about your family members and how they felt about you at a certain point in time. That way
you can remember your crazy Aunt Ruth after she passes away.

Taking pictures is probably one of the rewarding and fun things you can do in your life. Now with different photo editing
software, you can do things to your photos that you never even thought was possible. Take your photo artifacts to the next
level and create a history of your family that can be viewed for years to come by you, your family, your children and anyone
else who would care to see the history of you and your life. Let the photos tell the whole story.

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