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Have you ever wondered what makes Aruba one of the most-frequently visited places in the world? You probably start envisioning powder white sand beaches, majestic cliffs, clear aquamarine waters, lush vegetation, great desert landscapes, and charming people. Of course these are reasons enough to visit Aruba. But the most important thing, the one that's been keeping the beaches and the vegetation as splendid as they are is the annual rainfall in Aruba. Surprise, surprise, but Aruba's unique climate is what makes this island a natural paradise.

The annual rainfall in Aruba which is just about 20 inches makes clouds infrequent visitors of the island. Aruba is located at the southernmost part of the Caribbean, just 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela, letting it lie outside the major hurricane belt. While summer's hot sun lasts all year round, constant trade winds keep the temperature to a comfortable 82 degrees most of the time. The annual rainfall in Aruba enhances its famous mild tropical climate.

Tourists have been flocking to the island for a taste of the world's best beaches. Most planned on lounging on the long stretches of white sand, catching up on getting a tan, or learning the thrill of the water sports such as parasailing, windsurfing, diving, and water skiing, to name a few. These activities are possible anytime of the year. The annual rainfall in Aruba is very low that people never have the fear of being stuck indoors while rain invades the scene.

But Aruba's beauty extends far beyond its beaches. Sure, the turquoise water is enough reason to want to stay within the beach area. However, there are attractions that will definitely catch your interest as well. For example, the safari jeep cruise is definitely something that you don't want to miss out on. With the annual rainfall in Aruba that makes summer possible throughout the year, desert trips are likely to be on everyone's list.

One other thing that Arubans are proud of aside from their tourism is their aloe production. Some areas of the island are home to abundant cactus and aloe plantation. The very low humidity and annual rainfall in Aruba is responsible for its almost-desert countryside which features several dramatic rock formations. Certainly, the beaches are not just the only things left to see.

A lot of the tropical islands can claim to possess the same perfect beaches and crystal blue waters. They can claim that they have other things to offer besides beaches. They can boast of clear sunny skies and cool breeze. But definitely, they can not equal the annual rainfall in Aruba. This fact has blessed the island with the best climate and is the cause for its people's positive attitudes.
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