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Who says getting around by bus is appalling? Some people would rather be caught dead than take the Aruba bus service to go around the island. I don't know what they have against this big public transportation, but personally, it lets you forget about driving for awhile and gives you the chance to look around. You wouldn't have to fumble around with the map while maneuvering through unfamiliar streets. Of course this would mean sharing the ride with some other people, which can actually be fun. But if you insist on having the Aruba bus service all to yourself, this can certainly be arranged.

Arubus N.V. is Aruba's major public transportation owned by its government. This Aruba bus service provides public transportation over the major parts of the island. On top of that, it also provides public school buses and private charters, and a party bus can also be arranged as well.

The Arubus N.V. started out more than a quarter of a century ago. This government-owned Aruba bus service has grown since then. From an original fleet of 14 buses to the current number of 48 buses, Arubus' Volvo fleet surely serves a great deal of the public transport needs.

Local students who wish to avail of the public school bus service can purchase special student-priced tickets and a bus identification card called 'stamkaart' at the main office of this public Aruba bus service. Residents of Dutch nationality who are at least 60 years old are eligible to ride free on this Aruba bus service. Their free bus tickets can only be claimed at the Arubus' main office near the Queen Beatrix Airport.

Arubus is not the only one that offers Aruba bus service. Frequent bus transport services are available between Malmok (northwest shore) and San Nicolas (southern part). The routes always include passing through the island's capital, Oranjestad. The Aruba bus service operates every 30 minutes from 6am to 6pm and every hour from 6pm to midnight all week except Sundays and holidays which operates every hour from 6am to 6pm, and every 2 hours from 6pm to midnight.

If you need to avail of the Aruba bus service going downtown, be sure to be on the beach side of the street. If you are off to the high rise resort part of the island, be at the hotel side of the street. You need to stand up and wave to the driver, otherwise, the bus is not likely going to stop. The Aruba bus service charges about $1.25 one way, but tourists can pay for a roundtrip fare buy buying a yellow card from the bus driver.

Bus rides are good alternative to renting cars and taking the cab. Remember that taxis in Aruba are not metered but they use the zone system of charging you the rates. So relax and enjoy the convenience and comfort that Aruba bus service brings.

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