gold in australia

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Gold in Australia

Not all that glitter is gold. Perhaps true, but not among Australians. Literally all that glitter is gold in Australia. Do you know that Australia ranked next to South Africa and the United Stats as the world's top gold-producing countries? It is no surprise why many Australians take pride in their gold because it is one of the best in the world. Many tourists from around the world are lured to the glitter, brilliance and beauty of gold in Australia.

The industry of gold in Australia can be traced way back in 1832 when James McBrien glimpsed at the possible gold deposit in Bathurst area. Early authorities discouraged any effort of digging up gold in the area because convicts, military men and public officials might put their work aside in search of a golden fortune. The much-publicized gold exploration in 1851 was the impetus of a much larger gold exploration as huge number of men went digging for gold mines. In fact, the area is more popularly known today as Ophir, taking its inspiration from the biblical place of King Solomon's time where gold is aplenty.

Gold in Australia can be bought from reputable jewelry shops in any city and state. The most famous among gold dealers in the country is Perth Mint that has a large collection of different gold products that includes cons, bars, nuggets, and bouillon. The value of gold in Australia fluctuates every now and then but it never dives down. The value of the metal is comparable with that of other jewelry, but never goes out of style.

The gold in Australia is exceptionally rare and precious. Any gold collector would grab every opportunity to own one rare find in Australian gold. The Australian gold bar will surely capture the fancy of collectors once the item is shown right before their very eyes. It would just be the perfect sight to behold, enchanting in its own being.

Australian nuggets are distinctively unique in their own elegance and style. A nugget is amazingly uncommon and unusually hard to find any duplication because each nugget has its unique design and size. Australian nuggets can add luster to the many collection of a gold collector. They are carefully crafted to delight the discerning taste of a gold connoisseur. The collectors will sure be in awe with the magnificent brilliance that Australian nuggets exude. They are truly rare and precious.

Anyone who buys gold in Australia is in for a good investment, in deed the best one that is. Now you will know why in Australia everything that glitters is really gold at least literally.
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