How to Get Bed Bugs Out of Clothes

How to Get Bed Bugs Out of Clothes

The bed bugs have been eliminated from American soil during 1940's and 1950's. DDT- one of the best pesticides successfully exterminated these bloodsucking insects. But immigration and traveling of people from one country to the other brought these parasites back to the US soil. Hence, bed bugs are hitchhikers and can freely move place to place. The most common establishments for the exchange of bed bugs include busses, trains, cabs, airplanes, hotel rooms, motel and breakfast-inns.

You can see these parasites in your clothes at infested transportation vehicles and residence where you are going to stay for rest usually at night. Therefore, you must be familiar with all the means of getting bedbugs out of your garments and bed clothes as well. You cannot avoid public places and transportation mediums because these are essential parts of your life. However, you can bring into play the following simple tips to eradicate bed bugs from your clothe.

1. Always shake off your all clothes before leaving the hotel you stay at. This is the most helpful way to get rid of bed bugs present in your clothes. Having bed bugs in your belongings does not mean that you are a grimy person. Because the prevalence of bed bugs does not depend on cleanliness and filthiness. They are just attracted to the place where they find human exhaled carbon monoxide and they can survive on human blood.

2. Make it sure that the suitcase containing your clothes is free of bed bugs. If your suitcase has been infected by bed bugs then shaking of your clothes to get these insects out of them will remain useless. Remove all of your items and clothes from your luggage bag and spray it with a suitable insecticide from outside. Shake your clothes and other things to remove bed bugs from them if present. Now, put your belongings in dry and clean bathtub because bed bugs dislike the marbles and ceramics. So, there presence near bathtub is just out of question. Put your belongings back in your suitcase after full surety that no more bed bugs are present in it. This all should be done at the night ahead of your checking out from hotel.

3. Keep your clothes clean and tidy, which is another assured way of keeping bed bugs away from your clothes. Ask your washer-man to soak the used clothes in warm water for at least twenty minutes. In this way the clinging bed bugs on the clothes will die out.

4. You can get rid of bed bugs from the clothes if you will withstand the sleep urge on bed before leaving the hotel room.

5. Remove all of your clothes including socks and soak them for 20 minutes in warm water after reaching home. This should be done immediately to avoid bed bugs from spreading in your house. If female bed bug has been clung to your clothes then situation will be more problematic as it can lay 300 eggs. Also, adult bed bugs can stay alive for about 18 months without any feed.

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