The Bible is a collection of stories of different authors. The stories were written over a period of about 1200 years. The followers of Judaism, or Christianity consider some of the stories sacred. Islam sees the stories as a valid source of truth. According to Islam, the accounts have been spoiled though, and the Koran gives a better example.
There are different versions of the Bible. The differences are about what parts should be included, and which ones are left out. All Christians believe that it contains the word of God. Sometimes different churches disagree over exactly what the Bible means. There are many names for the Bible; some call it "Holy Scripture", "Holy Writ" or the "Good Book". The Bible was written long ago in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, and translations were made later into Latin and some other languages. Now there are translations in many more languages, for example, English.
Today, a complete version of the bible exists in 429 languages. Parts have been translated in 2429 languages. Most bibles can be found in the British Museum in London.
Old Testament.
In fact the Bible is many books of different kinds collected together. The first part is called the Old Testament or Tanakh. This tells the story of the Israelites and how God chose them to be called "his people". This part of the Bible is considered to be holy by Jews as well as Christians.
There are a few parts of the Old Testament that Christians disagree about. These parts are called Deuterocanonical by those Churches that accept them as part of the Bible, and Apocrypha by those that do not.
New Testament.
The second part is called the New Testament, most of which was written first in Greek. Some was probably written in Aramaic first, but the oldest copies known today are in Greek. The main part of this book is the story of Jesus Christ's life. There are four different versions of the story, called Gospels. The New Testament also contains letters by early Christian leaders, especially Saint Paul. The verse in the bible that defines Christianity is, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but live eternally"
The "Bible" contains different kinds of books. Some are history, telling the stories of the Jews, or Jesus. Some are collections of wise sayings. Some are God's commands to his people, which he expects them to obey. Some are songs of praise to God. Some are books of "prophecy", messages from God that he gave through chosen people called prophets.
The "Bible" has been translated into over 2000 languages. It can be found in printed, electronic, and audio copies.
Many people, not only Christians, love reading the Bible, and some prefer doing it daily. Others spend a lot of their time on in-depth Bible study or meditation on the words.
Atheists do not believe God inspired men to write the Bible because of what they say are conflicts with modern science.

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