Fujinon Binoculars Created for the Open Waters

Fujinon Binoculars-Created for the Open Waters

The name Fuji has always been synonymous with film. Lately one of Fuji's sub-companies has been making a breakthrough in another field... binoculars, particularly marine binoculars.

Characteristics of Fujinon binoculars are clarity, color rendition, sharpness, and image definition. Fujinon has also gone out of their way to make sure that the eyepieces they use in their binoculars are comfortable. Many of their binoculars are now being offered with compasses. Fujinon binoculars can be a found aboard commercial fishing vessels, personal yachts, and military ships.

One line of Fujinon binoculars that is enjoying popularity among marine enthusiast is the Fujinon "SX" series. The "SX" series of binoculars is designed with lenses that have been coated with Electron Beam Coating (EBC), this coating improves the lens clarity as much as fifteen percent more then other brands of binoculars. The Electron Beam Coating makes the Fujinon lenses extremely useful at twilight, dawn, late fall and into the winter. The "SX" lenses have an overall brightness factor of 95%. Night vision scopes are the only lenses that provide better imagery during low light. By using a flat image plane, the Fujinon "SX" binoculars produce sharper, truer to life images, with a minimal amount of distortions and astigmatism. Fujinon constructed the "SX" binoculars with the military in mind. By following exacting military specifications the "SX" housing is water and fog proof, durable, and lightweight. While it was still at the factory, Fujinon outfitted the binoculars with Nitrogen filled housing that is made out of slip-resistant, lightweight aluminum alloys.

Fujinon has started to equip many of their "SX" binoculars with Silva compasses. Silva compasses are made in Scotland. They produced their first compass in the 1928 and in the following year they have become renowned for their durability and precision. The SIlva Company also manufactures binoculars, headlights, and wind meters. When they equipped their binoculars with the Silva compass, Fujinon was thinking about the nighttime sailor and illuminated the compass with a beta light. It is possible to purchase a pair of Fujinon binoculars with or without the compass. If you choose a pair of binoculars that have and attached compass, keep it away from batteries and magnets.

An example of the the Fujinon "SX" series is the Fujinon Pro 45 sx 7X50. This binocular in blessed with features such as; seven times the magnification, eye-relief is 23mm, the field of vision is 131 meters, the lens diameter is 50mm, the exit pupil brightness is 7.1mm, the relative brightness is 50.4, and the inter-pupillary distance is 56~74mm. The Fujinon Pro 45 sx is 200 mm long and 218mm wide. It weighs 1.62 kg. Accouterments that come with the Fujinon Pro 45 SX 7X50 are; a binocular case, a neck strap, and compass illumination. Additional items consumers might want to purchase for their Fujinon Pro 45 SX 7X50 are; a tripod, a tripod adapter, and a floating neck strap.

In addition to maritime enthusiast, Fujinon binoculars have also been purchased by astronomers, birdwatchers, and law enforcement.

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