A brush can be a lot of different things. All brushes have a long part at one end to hold (the handle), and hairs or bristles (short, hard hairs or pieces of plastic) on the other end (the head), and we use them for cleaning, making hair look good, or painting.
Brushes for cleaning.
There are a lot of sorts of brushes for cleaning, for example toothbrushes or brushes for cleaning the floor.
Paint brushes.
We use paint brushes for putting ink or paint on paper. In computer software there are sometimes ditigal paintbrushes for making pictures, too.
Sizes and materials.
We can buy brushes in different sizes and materials. Here are some sorts.
Decorators' brushes.
The sizes of brushes used for painting and decorating (changing the colour or look of a room) are usually in mm or inches. This shows how wide the head is.
We can buy brushes with natural or synthetic (man-made) bristles. Handles (the part of the brush we hold) may be wood or plastic.
Artists' brushes.
Artists' brushes usually have sizes with numbers, but there is no standard.
We use sizes "000" to "20" most often.
Bristles may be natural -- either soft hair or hog (pig) bristle -- or synthetic (man-made).
Artists' brush handles (the part of the brush we hold) are often wooden, but the cheapest brushes may have plastic handles. Many cheap handles are made of unfinished wood; better quality handles are of finished wood.

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