Mail Order Barbecue

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Where to Obtain Mail Order Barbecue

So you want to order real barbecue by mail. Well, don't worry as a number of barbecue restaurants these days offer mail order barbecues for those who wish to have it. As expected, the real barbecues are shipped and delivered to your doorstep. So if this ordering method appeals to you, then I bet you would be happy to know where in the United States you can find mail order barbecues. Note in the first place that almost every state in the US has already catered to this kind of service, so finding them can easily be done.

But to make everything easy for you, I have mentioned below a few of the currently active barbecue stores in the US that offer mail order barbecues to their clients. Consider the following:

Kings BBQ in North Carolina

Kings BBQ is one of the most recognized barbecue stores in the whole state of North Carolina. According to some reviews, their mail order barbecues are slow-roasted, infused with a mild vinegar sauce and pulled from the bone. Their barbecues generally to be more of Eastern style than Western as it uses merely a plain vinegar sauce.

Aside from the real barbecue, you can also order cole slaw, potato salad, collard greens, black eyed peas, squash, hushpuppies, and a variety of sauces and mixes. You can order their barbecues through their online site - You can also contact them for overnight delivery at this number: 800-332-OINK (6465).

But, before you contact them for your mail order barbecue, know first that all of the orders are shipped through FedEx in two days. There is also a packaging fee to make sure that the mail order barbecues arrive fresh. This fee is actually considered in addition to the shipping fee.

Jack Stack BBQ in Kansas City

You can also consider mail order barbecues at Jack Stack BBQ if you are living in Kansas City. This barbecue store actually prepares mail order barbecues with the makers proprietary rubs and seared. According to the company itself, it is highly considered to retain the natural juices of their barbecues which is very important for making their barbecue tender. Also, their mail order barbecues are cooked for a number of hours at low temperatures. In case you consider their service, you can select from their spare ribs, hickory pit beans, cheesy corn bake, pork burnt ends, and a number of sauces and seasonings.

For the shipping information, note that all of the Jack Stack's barbecues are shipped fully cooked and frozen through FedEx three-day ground. However, their mail order barbecues are only available within the continental United States. If you want more information about their mail order barbecue service, just contact them at this toll-free number: (877) 419-7427, or simply visit their website at

The above mentioned stores are just a few of the many barbecue outlets in the entire United States that offer mail order barbecues. If you want to find out more, just go online and enjoy your search.
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