kansas city barbecue

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Experience the Different Taste of Kansas City Barbecue

Summary: Kansas City barbecue is very famous throughout the world for its one-of a-kind kind taste and flavor that no other places can match.

Do you like the taste of barbecued or grilled food? Do find barbecuing fun, or do you like having barbecue parties? If you are, there's no doubt that you are a real barbecue fanatic. What is your favorite barbecue? Is it steak, sea food, chicken, hotdogs, sausage, or chops? Is everything about barbecue appealing to you? Wait, until you find out the best barbecue you can imagine- the Kansas City barbecue style. I don't mean to make you hungry, I just want you to know the best barbecue there is.

Have you tasted the Kansas City barbecue style? Kansas City barbecues are very famous in the United States and to many countries. A society named Kansas City Barbeque Society or KCBS is even organized exclusively for people who love barbecue. Their members include barbecue enthusiasts at all levels in all United States and other countries of the world, from barbecue restaurant operators to back yard grillers, even barbecue suppliers are members of KCBS. This organization sanctions more than 50 barbecue contests every year and they also have a monthly news paper called the Bullsheet. The members of KCBS are subscribers of this newspaper that is worth $ 30 as inclusion of their annual membership.

If you want finger-licking, mouth-watering, lip-smacking barbecue, Kansas City has its very own. Kansas City has more than 90 barbecue joints that include little eateries to big restaurants that serve different kinds of barbecue. The Kansas City barbecue is dry, rub-spiced, and slow roasted over a pit hickory and the sauce- the sauce alone is the smoothest, thickest, richest, and sweetly tangiest! It has a sauce the does not fall off the meat into the fire, resulting to a medium spicy, tomato-based sauce. Can you picture no how delectable Kansas City barbecue is?

The history of the one of its kind Kansas City barbecue started with the first recorded Kansas City barbecuer, Henry Perry, who did his thing on barbecuing on a trolley barn, which became the training ground for other local barbecue legends like George Gates and Arthur Charlie Bryant, who followed the footsteps of Henry Perry. Charlie Bryant bought Perry's place and managed it with the help of his brother Arthur. When Charlie died Arthur took over the restaurant and named it Arthur Bryant's barbecue restaurant. Arthur Bryant's is a legendary Kansas City barbecue restaurant where the famous Kansas City barbecue started. You can visit its website at www.arthurbryantsbbq.com for your additional information about this restaurant.

At about the same time that Arthur had his restaurant running, George Gates and a partner opened their own restaurant. Eventually, Gates took over the business and taught his son, who now runs the famous Gates & Sons Bar-B-Q. You can visit Gates & Sons website at www.gatesbbq.com for more information.
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