Baton Rouge Beach Marathon

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Baton Rouge Beach Marathon 2006

Baton Rouge Beach Marathon events are held every year. The event for the year 2006 was on the 2nd day of the month of December. The racers for this event were about 600 in all, with most participants running only half of the marathon. It is quite a small race event, which perhaps gains only a little media mileage. It has a track though that could give the racers a good mental and physical challenge.

Many were happy about the 2006 Baton Rouge Beach Marathon. The racers, specifically, were satisfied with how the event was organized. The event started on time and freebies were great. Such gifts came as a surprise to most, as these were not advertised on the websites when they signed up for the event. Shirts, slippers, race socks, finisher medals, etc. were given.

There were no cash prizes though for this event, but was not a problem by the participants. Some had problems with roads that were not closed during the run, otherwise all else was great and fun. The loops around the lake, the track through the LSU campus and on tree-lined neighborhoods provide for a combination of visual stimulations that were appreciated by the racers of the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon.

There was enough food served - as salads, pastries, jambalaya, gumbo, etc. There were fresh fruits, sodas, water, and many more refreshments provided after the race. Shuttles were provided for travel to and from the host hotel. Hotel service reviews were also positive.

For more runner comments for the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon last December 2006, try to visit, and do as search there for the event - and you'll be led to a web page showing the runners' comments. There are also links to race results not only from the previous year but also for more years back.

The winner for the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon of 2006 was Chad Callais. He set a course record of 2 hours, 35 minutes and 21 seconds for this race. For the female division, the winner was Suzy Seeley with a finish time of 3 hours, 27 minutes and 58 seconds. For the Masters Division, with 40 years old and above category participants - the winners were Derek Lindstrom (3:05:26) - and Amy Yanni (3:29:34). For the Grand Masters Division, with 50 years old and above category participants - Phil Henry (3:08:56) and Lisa Williamson (4:18:43) got the win.

Half-marathon winners were Patrick Klester for the male division at 1:23:36 and Alice Abcla for the female division at 1:38:25. For Masters Division - half-marathon: Joseph Lee won the male masters category at 1:29:04, while Barb Dutrow won in at 1:39:25 for the female division. For Grand Masters Division - half-marathon: Tommy Reinecke and Cooter Smith claimed the win at 1:31:05 and1:48:01 respectively.

Baton Rouge Beach Marathon Events may be seen online at or at its own website at One can sign-up for the race online. For photos of the event, one can browse it at You can order online for your photos of the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon events here.

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