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Summary: Some tips on deciding to buy bowling shoes, and where.

Every sport requires some sort of uniform or decorum to be observed. Take basketball, or soccer. I have never seen tournaments of this sport without uniforms. While others have a certain low-key with regards to this aspect, it is never lost. Even in chess, players wear some sort of a uniform to properly distinguish him from a crowd of spectators.

Most bowling centers require players to wear bowling shoes. If the player doesn't have one, he can rent one on the center. But this is a typical scenario for a casual player. The regular bowlers often have a pair of bowling shoes. Aside from being able to save from rentals, having your own fit is undeniably comfortable, not to mention pretty sexy too, since you won't have to wear those size 14 shoes that you have mistaken for a boat.

The most important factor for bowling shoes is the slide effect. As you approach the lane for a delivery, you need to slide with the opposite foot, and rubber soled shoes like sneakers will not slide.

If you haven't bought a pair of bowling shoes before, you might be a little lost. For starters, you should consider how often you play. Casual players may be better off using rented shoes. But if you are more of a regular bowler, then you should consider what type of shoe you need.

Buying Your Shoe

There are two types of bowling shoes, Athletic and Performance. Athletic shoes are recommended for novice players because they have a sliding sole on both shoes. Performance shoe on the other hand, has the sliding effect on one shoe and the braking effect on the other, which shoe has which would depend on right/left handedness. So if you are a competitive bowler who likes to change patterns with every game, you will probably want a shoe that has interchangeable sole pads to match a style and the surface condition you are bowling in.

Here are some sites that may prove useful for your bowling shoe hunting.
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This site has a listing of the latest bowling shoes at a bargain price of $42.99. A real deal since normal prices are somewhere beyond $100 mark. Any purchase comes with free shipping. You also can check products of specific brands by the 'shop by brand' button. Aside from shoes, the site offers a variety of bowling equipment. Browse into their vast catalog and see if anything interests you. And oh, is an authorized retailer of the PBA. This should guarantee the authenticity of their products.
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Bowlers Paradise also has a number of cool shoes on catalog and an option to check the products of a specific brand as well. A handy bowling shoe search engine is available at the left part of the page. This site specifically wants your shopping to be as hassle free as possible.
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