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You're a die-hard Mr. Bean fan. You don't know why, but the mere sight of the guy makes you laugh more than your boyfriend's best jokes. And in case he hasn't noticed, you have the same affinity for the likes of Jay Leno, Rob Schneider, and Jim Carrey. Before you throw your boyfriend out of the door, give him the chance to be the clown that you want him to be.

The corner of Merrick Road and Bellmore Avenue in New York is home to a great place known as the Brokerage Comedy Club. This is not your typical comedy bar. Sure, as with the rest, Brokerage Comedy Club offers shows featuring stand-up comedians as well, but the possibilities here are endless. Aside from being a comedy bar, Brokerage Comedy club can also turn a night of laughter and dance into a laidback and relaxing evening on the next visit. This is possible because the Brokerage Comedy Club saves one Wednesday night every month for the best live acoustic musicians' performance. This is a good breather from laughing your head off all the time. Soft jazz, folk, and other slow music would compliment the intimate and cozy atmosphere of the Brokerage Comedy Club.

Another great thing about the place is the opportunity they give everyone to someday perform on the stage.. Whether you want to show off your latest acting skill, present your original comedy piece, or simply have a feel of what's it like to be onstage, then the Thursday night Improv Class is the answer to your 30-seonds-of-fame prayer. The classes, which happens from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., stress on the students' commitment, listening skills, spontaneity, and their ability to get along well with other people. There are 'games' which are designed to help the students to think and obtain the level of creativity that they never thought possible. And then you're off to performing onstage at the Brokerage Comedy Club before a real live audience.

And who said Brokerage Comedy Club was strictly for adults only? You can actually make your kid's birthday different from everyone else's. Brokerage Comedy Club offers private comedy parties not just for adults, but for children as well. They have kids' show featuring balloon acts, comedy classes, clowns, face paintings, magic shows, and ventriloquists. The adult private parties get a totally different kind of show of course. And if the moms and dads get to splurge on beer and wine in their parties, the children will have their share of pizza and soda in theirs too.

The Brokerage Comedy Club does not only let you sit back and laugh your heart out. It sends out an invitation to be the person that you might want to be. It's a good place to discover your potentials and to live them.

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