Fishermans Bastion Budapest

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The Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest

Budapest has all the interesting sights available for the locals and tourists to behold. Some of these sights are open for the public to see for free, while others are open only for certain charges. Of the sights that allow people to enter and explore everything featured with small charges, the Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest stands out as the best.

The Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest is a wonderful structure that stands out near the Matthias Church in Budapest to enchant people with its charming castle-like form. It is located on the Castle District of Buda and has been attracting millions of people who come to the city for certain purposes.

Built in 1905, the Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest was designed by an architect named Frigyes Schulek. Several stories have said that this castle-like structure was originally designed to provide a beautiful setting for the city's Church of Our Lady, which is now housed in Matthias Church. It was named with the word 'Fisherman' on it right after the early people who settled near the area noticed a medieval ramparts system that rose high above the Fishermen's Town, one of the city's suburbs. Following that recognition, a fish market started to take place right behind the stockades. From then on, the sight was named as the Fisherman's Bastion.

The Bastion's Structure

The Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest is celebrated particularly for its unique structure. On the most basic, the Bastion is white stoned. It features an indoor and outdoor appearance that embraces a strong touch of neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque. This style is highly evident on its projections, climbing stairways, turrets, as well as parapets.

A number of towers complete the Fisherman's Bastion's structure. It is actually made up of seven high-rise towers that carry on themselves the seven Magyar tribes that came and settled in Hungary in the year 896. With the seven towers around, the Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest is considered by many people as Disney-like in appearance. Many of those who have seen it have in fact said that the Bastion from the outside invokes thoughts of Sleeping Beauty lying on her bed waiting for the kiss of her Prince Philippe.

The Magnificent Views Around

The Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest is located in a spot that provides access to some of the city's bests. Most of the visitors who have come to the place have noted that the views from the Bastion are like no other. If you will head to the top of the structure, you can see the beauty of the Margaret Island. The place also gives you the chance to enjoy the neighboring sights including the St. Stephen's Basilica, the Academy of Sciences, the Inner City Parish Church, the Parliament, and the Vgrido Concert Hall, among the others. If you love the beauty of bridges, the Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest also gives you access to the bridges of Margaret, Szabadsag, and Erzsebet.

Note that all of the above mentioned views at the Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest are great to see during a sunny day. Prepare certain amounts though for the entrance fee.

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