hotel berlin in budapest

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Hotel Berlin in Budapest

When the Berlin Wall was built in 1961, separating the East and West Germany, many East Germans flew to the neighboring Hungary to seek asylum or make it as their channel to leave East Germany and move to West Germany via other routes like Austria and the former Czechoslovakia. Trivially, was the Hotel Berlin in Budapest built purposefully for the migrating East Germans? Or was Hotel Berlin in Budapest was built for Berliners regardless which part they came from, either from the east or the west.

The question now is if Hotel Berlin in Budapest already existed prior to the building of Berlin Wall. If the hotel was still not present during that time, could it be that the walls that they used in building Hotel Berlin in Budapest are the same walls that fell from the famous Berlin Wall? Did the people of East Berlin brought that debris to make another famous landmark yet away from East Berlin, this time in Budapest. Do these sound intriguing or just another trivia? Hmmmm, what do you think?

Hotel Berlin in Budapest is one of the rather famous hotels in Budapest not because it has the same name of the famous German city and the seat of the equally popular Berlin Wall, but rather because of its excellent service. The hotel is one perfect place to stay in Budapest especially to those who are in a tight budget. The hotel is simply a nice to place to stay without the fuzz, just excellent accommodation and polite and courteous staff, and hospitable accommodation. A perfect combination any tourist looks for in a hotel.

Hotel Berlin is located away from the busy streets of Budapest, however it is accessible to land transportation system. The hotel has 84 well designed and furnished rooms equipped with state of the art facilities that are commonplace among high-end hotels, though it is rated as a three-star hotel. Each room has its own TV set with satellite connection, excellent air-conditioning unit, and telephone and internet-ready computer connection.

Other amenities of the hotel include babysitting, business center that fully equipped with the latest business machines, laundry facilities, and self-parking. With these, guests are sure to get the best from their money because room rates only cost as low as 23 and 24 euros for double and single room respectively on a low season. On high season the room rate will rise only up to 28 and 30 euros for single and triple occupancy room correspondingly.

Guests are treated with utmost professionalism to make sure that their stay in the hotel is truly comfortable and meaningful. Just when tourists thought that staff in any hotels situated in the city of Budapest speak strictly in their own language, it is nth the case in Hotel Berlin because all their staff a multi-linguists which help facilitate better communication between staff and guests. With that tourists can only think of a delightful stay in Hotel Berlin.

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