Cardio Exercise Equipment On Wheels

Cardio Exercise Equipment On Wheels

Biking is a good way to obtain an overall exercise. You get to undergo toning and cardio sessions. But there are times when the equipment falters and your busy schedule won't allow you to have an enjoying ride. Fortunately you can acquire an alternative.

All you need is to place a stationary bike in your favorite spot and voila you're all set. But unlike the normal bike that riders use you do not actually move from your original position. This bike is constructed with a solid back inverted T-frame attached firmly to the ground. The front wheel is hanging some inches off the floor so that you can freely move the pedals.

This workout machine is designed to provide a low impact workout. It has been tagged as one of the best cardio equipment which can also be effective in strengthening and toning the lower body. It is the smart choice for individuals with knee injuries undergoing therapy since knee muscles are conditioned without pressuring the joints.

It is recommended that you spend thirty minutes on the stationary bike in order to meet the ideal cardio requirements on a daily basis. For each session you have the option of adjusting the tension settings. These settings are similar with the gears found in regular bikes and can be used to increase the level of your workout.

There are two types from which you can choose namely upright and recumbent. For an upright model, you are seated just as you would on a standard bike. While some prefer this, there are others who complain of too much pressure on the groin and lower back even if these individuals have only spent a short time on the bike.

This flaw of the upright model paved the way for the creation of the recumbent model. It is the common equipment for individuals plagued by lower back problems as well as chronic back pain. This bike follows the go-cart design which allows you to sit in a reclined position with the legs stretched out rather than extended downward. This model offers both comfort and more efficient buttocks workout as compared to its counterpart.

The adjustment of the bike's seat is significant in ensuring that an effective and safe workout is achieved. When the legs are fully extended the angle of the seat should facilitate for the knee of the extended leg to remain slightly bent. The motion should be kept at a smooth pace with good rhythm. You should set the resistance at a level that your lower extremity can handle. Handlebars should be oriented within easy access.

Stationary bikes offer little upper body training. In order to compensate there have been designs wherein the handlebars move up and back. There are other variations which move the exerciser up and down. Experts believe these alterations might cause some problems regarding knee and back strains.

In theory there is no machine that is 100 percent perfect. There are flaws therefore sessions spent in cardio exercise equipment are not really enough if you want to maximize your full potential. In this case, you can add weight training in your routine.

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