How To Get Your Chinchilla To Trust You

How To Get Your Chinchilla To Trust You

If your chinchilla is not tamed, it may take them a while to get used to you. Just like with human relationships, you will have to earn their trust before they allow you to form a close bond with them. You will have to provide your pet with a lot of love and care. Don't get discouraged if after a few months, they still don't reciprocate. It just means it may take a little longer than you thought. It is much easier to get a baby chinchilla to trust you than it is an adult.

Chinchillas have more of a problem with being tamed than say, dogs or cats. They are filled with a lot of smugness and they demand your respect. They don't pay attention to you when you call their name. If you want your pet to really trust you, try doing some of the following:

- Provide treats for your pet as they come to whatever side of the cage you're located on.

- Talk to them in a calm tone to keep them calm.

- You will know when they no longer fear you if they remove the treat from your fingers in the cage.

There are other things you can do to get your pet's trust. There are also some things you shouldn't do in order to get their trust:

- A Chinchilla's body is delicate and you must handle it with care. If you pick them up, avoid grabbing their ribcage. You could injure it or possibly fracture a bone.

- Your pet should be close to your body if you're carrying it.

- Like humans, chinchillas need to breathe easily. Don't squeeze or hold your pet tight. They will let you know when you are by squealing loudly or biting you.

- Help your pet feel safe by allowing it to bury their head under your arm or cover their face with your hand. Chinchillas like to know that their owners like to keep them safe in any way possible. They want to know they have a protector at all times.

- Hold your pet by it's tail base and hold your pet's weight with your other hand. Don't hold on to the tip of its tail. If the chinchilla tries to get free, that part will come off.

- You can also hold your pet as though it were standing up. Use one hand for its hind legs, and your other hand to hold his body. Your pet's hands should rest on yours.

You will know when your pet trusts you when they start doing these things:

* Snuggling up to you
* Allowing you to stroke their body
* Follows you around
* Comes to see what's in your palm
* Sniffs your clothing and other items on your body
* Allowing you to curl their tail
* Sniffs your nose

It is an honor to have a pet such as a chinchilla that is fond of you and you have gained their trust. You must remember to continue doing things with your pet to continue that trust.

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