Pointing Direction.
A magnetic compass points in the direction of the North Pole (strictly speaking, the Magnetic North Pole).
A compass is very useful for navigating on oceans and in deserts, or other places where there are few landmarks.
The first compass was invented by ancient Chinese in the Han Dynasty. It was a large spoon-like magnetic object made of magnetite ore set upon a square bronze plate.
Drawing Circles.
A drawing compass is a drawing tool that can draw circles and arcs (incomplete circles) on sketches and diagrams. There is the mechanical, and normal compass. The mechanical compass is a compass that has a mechanical pencil, and the other is a compass that requires you to screw a pencil on to one end yourself, adjusting the length manually.
It consists of two legs joined at a hinge.
One leg contains a sharp point used to centre the compass while it turns.
The other leg contains some kind of screw fixture that can hold a pen or pencil.
A divider is a drawing compass with two pointed ends, and is used to mark out distances and lengths.
The divider is so called because it can be used to divide a length in two, using theorems of Geometry.

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