Cosmetic Dentistry For Crooked Teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry For Crooked Teeth

In the past, people with crooked teeth have to live with them for the rest of their lives suffering all kinds of associated indignities. Fortunately, today's cosmetic dentistry can align crooked teeth with every available procedure even on an outpatient basis.

Some people who are self-conscious about their smile caused by crooked teeth have several options now beyond the old braces. The following are some of the best cosmetic dentistry procedures for crooked teeth.


Invisalign needs your budget and your patience when your cosmetic dentist will work on your forthcoming beautiful smile in a few months. It actually is a set of very strong, clear plastic removable teeth aligners.

Invisalign works by squeezing the teeth into position. This set of teeth aligners is strong enough to shift your affected teeth into their ideal positions. After a few months, you will see the significant shift of your teeth moving into their natural positions in the mouth.

However, Invisalign is not suited for everyone. If the teeth and the gums are not strong enough to support the tension created by these plastic braces, your dentist can recommend accelerated orthodontics.

This new procedure may also require that you undergo reconstructive procedures to bring your teeth and gums back into a healthier, stronger state.

Porcelain veneers

Among the most popular treatments for correcting crooked teeth are porcelain veneers.
For one, it can help create a natural-looking smile.

Porcelain veneers can be applied to the teeth in just one or two sessions with your cosmetic dentist. Sometimes, it requires shaving a part of the teeth to ensure a perfect fit.

Another happy fact is that the cost of veneers can be significantly lower than the cost of braces or Invisalign. Moreover, you can enjoy the results of the procedure in just a few weeks after the last treatment.

Tooth contouring

Another inexpensive treatment in correcting crooked teeth is tooth contouring and reshaping. This is the procedure where the dentist scrapes off a portion of the existing tooth enamel. Next, the dentist will then place a bonding compound or a veneer directly on the tooth (or teeth, as the case may be).

Afterwards, the dentist may use a drill or laser to sculpt and shape the sides of the new tooth and the existing one. This will become the perfect new bonded tooth that will form part in the shaping of that picture-perfect smile.

Accelerated orthodontics

Accelerated orthodontics is for people with crooked teeth who cannot wait for months to get results from traditional braces or Invisalign. If they will choose this option, they will have to undergo a series of painful procedures and frequent visits to the dental clinic.

Accelerated orthodontics is where the dentist will perform intensive reshaping and re-contouring of the gums and tooth (or teeth). This treatment for crooked teeth uses both laser technologies and conventional surgical procedures.

In some cases, patients are required to wear lingual braces for a certain period of time so that the teeth can adjust to the procedure.

Today's crooked teeth need not be a curse on the owner anymore. Aided by science and the artistry of your cosmetic dentist, your picture-perfect smile will belie the story that you once had crooked teeth.

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