Canopy Tour Dominica

Canopy Tour Dominica

Dreaming of an adventurous, wild and exciting vacation while being one with nature's beauty and wildlife? What you need is a canopy tour Dominica. Trek through the awaiting adventures at the center of the arc of the Caribbean archipelago, to a place of wonder and beauty, Dominica. Dominica is one of the largest and most mountainous of the Winward Islands. It rises dramatically to almost five thousand feet above sea level. Its deep river canyons, stunning waterfalls, and green mountainous peaks are all basic parts of any excursion or tour in this lovely island.

Depending on what you really want to do while you're on this amazing island, your canopy tour Dominica can include hiking to a volcanic crater lake some two thousand five hundred feet above the blue Caribbean, you can pilot a rowboat down a hastening river, you can choose to watch the whales and the dolphins with the watching tours on a catamaran, or what about imitating Tarzan on the Zip Line Canopy Challenge, or just simply do a less strenuous side of the same tour comfortably seated in an aerial tram three hundred feet above the rainforest floor. The rivers for tubing and kayaking awaits your canopy tour Dominica, experiencing the warmth of the Sulfur springs, and the soothing therapeutic mud baths and natural springs at Wotten cascades can also be a part of a leisurely wellness experience for your canopy tour Dominica.

Dominica's most famous falls, the Trafalgar Falls, are well known for plunge pools below their towering flows. And if you want to see Dominica's beauty up close, you may want to include ATV and horse back riding shore excursions through the rain forest in your canopy tour Dominica. To make your canopy tour Dominica much more wonderful, tour the colorful and fragrant Botanical Gardens, or the Historic Fort Shirley (British Military Outpost), and snorkel the unique and inviting bubbles of Champagne Reef.

Here are some adventurous and fun things to include in your canopy tour Dominica:

River Tubing Safari
If you want to get wet and go wild with rushing rivers of Dominica, then this activity is for you. Average price per person is $67.00.

Dominica canopy Challenge
This exceptional canopy tour merges zip lines with foot bridges and a Tarzan Jump for the adventurous and courageous ones. Average price per person $91.00 and minimum age to participate is at least twelve years old.

Trafalgar Falls and Emerald Pool
If you're the plunger-type and swimming is your specialty, this activity is definitely for you, this is your chance to swim in a waterfall. Charter price is at about $172.00 for one to four people and about $43.00 each for additional person after four.
Dominica Wellness Tour
This is for those wanting total, exceptional and utter relaxation. Charter price is about $598.00 up to four people and additional $127.00 per person cost after purchasing the charter.

Middleham Hiking Tour
Trek through the rainforest and dip in the waterfall pool as your cool reward. If you want to have a closer look at nature and be one with it for a while, then this is for you. Average price for Charter is $357.00 for one to six people and additional $58.00 per person after the minimum of six is met.

These are just some of the great wildlife, adventurous, and exceptional activities you can include in you canopy tour Dominica. Set your plans, pack your bags and do the canopy tour Dominica for an unforgettable lifetime experience.
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