Ez Up Canopy

Ez Up Canopy

International E-Z Up, Inc. invented the portable, quickly erectable shelter in 1983, creating the saying 'world's fastest shelter'. Its innovation, quality and customer satisfaction has earned its success and continued to be the leader in the industry.

Ez up canopy is perfect for swap meets, flea markets, fairs bake sales, camping, picnics, garage sales, parties, arts and crafts shows and many more. It's great for any event that needs a quick setup and small space to fit in. Here are some of Ez up canopy products:

The Bungalow
This Ez up canopy enhances your outdoor living space. You can transform your outdoors from casual relaxation to formal entertaining wherever you want, whenever you need. It is designed to match your style and sophistication, it is easy to use and portable yet built to last. The Bungalow is crafted from aircraft aluminum alloys, stainless steel fasteners and nylon composites. Textured, powder-coated frames provide a color-durable finish & come in three designer colors.  The Pull-Pin nylon sliding composite assembly
assures effortless set-up and take down. Its instant frame aluminum alloy materials designed for maximum resistance to outdoor elements, and the reinforced twin truss adds substantial strength and durability to the one-piece frame. This Ez up canopy has a wide range of options and accessories to suit your every need.

The Eclipse II
This Ez up canopy sets up in seconds. Simply unfold the Eclipse II and click into place. The patented scissor action ("X" trusses) built into the high strength steel or aircraft aluminum frame does the work for you during setup and take down. The top stays attached to the frame and the durable E-Z UP fabric is treated to resist fire, rot, mildew, water, and ultraviolet rays. It is electrically bonded powder-coated trusses (an E-Z UP exclusive) that insures rust protection, long lasting use and a smoother, cleanable finish. The stronger, lighter frame is constructed of special high-strength steel for long-lasting use and easy transportation.

Hut II
This Ez up canopy is ideal for corporate events, vendors, racing, indoor or outdoor displays, and commercial use. Its features include: larger area for increased visibility of logo and graphics, gable-pitched E-Z up design, powder-coated rust resistant frame, and it's available in two sizes 8'x8' and 10'x10'.

Dome II
This Ez up canopy is ideal for backyard barbecues, picnics, camping and beach. It has a unique, automatic flexible roof center that provides increased stability in the wind; it also has adjustable legs that allow three height options; UV blocking top fabric; and fits in the trunk of most cars; available in 10'x10'.
This Ez up canopy is a ten feet shelter with angled legs and open cathedral type ceiling; it has white powder-coated steel frame; 150x150 blue top with silver undercoating that blocks 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays and has an CPAI-84 fire rating; wraps around outer legs vertically for added stability; weighs only 33lbs; and has compact, cylindrical design.

Ez up canopy has continued to perfect unique designs, and there will be a model and price to fit any of your instant shelter needs.

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