Affordable Cars Priced From Under 15K

Affordable Cars Priced From Under $15K

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The number of vehicles sold for under $15,000 is still strong and soon to expand greatly in the face of cheap Chinese imports set to flood the North American market within one year's time.

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Are you looking for a new car? If you are, there are several models available to you for under $15,000. Twelve are mentioned here; thirteen if you include the Nissan Versa to be released later this summer. Increased competition has made this a great time to buy a new car so compare, shop, and save!

Chevrolet Cobalt - With an MSRP of under $13,000, this Chevrolet model is one of the lowest priced cars manufactured in the U.S. A competitive price when you realize that few new car models are priced so low. If the Cobalt price still isn't low enough for you, then Chevrolet also markets the Aveo, a vehicle GM imports from its South Korean subsidiary Daewoo. The Aveo retails for just $9890!

Ford Focus - Retailing at $13,990 the Focus is the lowest priced vehicle sold by 'blue oval' in the U.S. Not cheap enough for you? Special incentives on the ZX3 version of the Focus can lower the price by as much as $3000!

Honda Civic Coupe - It is getting increasingly difficult to find a Civic under $15,000. Why is that? Well, Honda has been gradually pushing the Civic up market in a bid to compete against the Nissan Sentra and Toyota Corolla. Don't worry, Honda is about to release a car even smaller [and cheaper] than the Civic: the $12,000 Fit will be in Honda showrooms later this year!

Hyundai Accent and the Hyundai Elantra - Leave it to Hyundai to have two vehicles in its line up that sell for under $15,000. Starting at just $12,455 the Accent GLS is bargain basement, but not stripped. The car comes with four wheel disc brakes, 8 way adjustable driver's seat, and ABS. The Elantra is slightly up market and retails for about $1300 more than the Accent.

Kia Rio and Kia Spectra - With an MSRP listed at $11, 110 the Kia Rio is the lowest priced four door car sold in the U.S. Recent upgrades for the model include several safety features: six airbags, impact-absorbing steering column, front and rear crumple zones and side-impact door beams. Select the Spectra for a car that is better appointed and larger than the Rio.

Saturn ION - Base models of the little car from Tennessee currently are retailing around $13,500, but that price may drop later in the year as GM seeks to move several slow selling cars including the ION

Toyota Corolla - Always competitive, the Corolla is priced at $14,105 and is considered by industry leaders to have the highest quality amongst all small cars on the market. A lower cost model, the Echo, has been discontinued but a new model, the Yaris, will appear later this year and retail for about $12,000.

Scion xA and Scion xB - Two of the three models sold by Toyota's Generation 'Y' division, Scion, are priced under $15,000. The xA starts around $13,500 and the xB sells for about $1000 more than that.

So, are the days of finding transportation under $15,000 soon to be behind us? On the contrary, with the 2007 importation of cars from China the under $10,000 category will soon have new life as cars from Chery and Geely hit U.S. showrooms pushing new prices down to as low as $6600! As a result, Ford, Dodge, and others are looking at ways to build and import cars overseas or in Mexico that will sell for much than current base models.

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