cataract surgery in colorado

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Cataract Surgery in Colorado

Although having cataract does not necessarily mean that you should go through a cataract removal surgery. Stronger bifocals, change in eyeglasses and sometime magnifying lens can temporarily relieve you of the problem in your vision. But if you are having troubles with your vision in doing some daily activities like watching television, driving, sewing, reading or just plain looking at your love one's face, (the increased cloudiness of the lens inside the eye makes it unattainable for your vision to improve) then you should go through a cataract removal surgery procedure. The cataract surgery in Colorado is very much safe and effective. In fact, cataract surgery in Colorado is probably the most performed and at the same time effective surgery procedure in the Colorado area.
Cataract surgery in Colorado is an optional procedure. In deciding whether you should undergo a cataract surgery in Colorado, you should consider what type of cataract surgery procedure you should go through. As with any other parts in the United States, there are two types of cataract procedure in Colorado. These are the phacoemulsification surgery procedure and the extracapsular surgery procedure. In the phacoemulsification surgery procedure the cataract is broken into tiny pieces by an ultrasound probe. These tiny pieces of the lens are then removed by suction. The membrane or capsule which holds the lens in place is preserved and an artificial lens called 'intraocular lens' is then place to where the natural lens once have been. The traditional cataract surgery in Colorado is the extracapsular cataract extraction surgery procedure. The extracapsular cataract extraction procedure involves a large incision to remove the lens of the eye. It does not break it into tiny bits. This is done in order to remove the cataract. This however necessitates the placement of lots of stitches and has a longer cataract surgery procedure recovery. This kind of cataract surgery in Colorado also has lots of restriction of activities after the surgery procedure.
Due to the technological advances in the field of medicine, only a small incision is needed for cataract surgery in Colorado. Eye specialists who perform cataract surgery in Colorado now use state of the art equipments and the latest method in cataract surgery. Eye specialists now use an intraocular lens that folds out by themselves once place on the eye. This allows the patient to experience a much quicker surgery procedure and also lets the whole surgery procedure to be done on a small area. This makes it possible for a self sealing wound that would rarely (very rarely) require stitches.
Eye specialists who perform cataract surgery in Colorado always have a thorough eye exam before the surgery procedure. By this, they can establish certain conditions that might affect the result of the whole procedure.
Cataract surgery in Colorado is painless and usually takes about 30 minutes and after the procedure, the patient can go home immediately.

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