equipment used for CD duplication

Equipment Used for CD Duplication

Over the years, CD duplication has worked on becoming more convenient and with more options available for all who are working towards getting their CD into a product. One of the options that has been built is the use of separate hardware systems that allow for you to be able to instantly duplicate the CDs that you have. These focus on customizing your CD and replicating it within one station. Following are some of the characteristics within hardware formats available for CD duplication equipment.

1.Number of discs. Each type of duplication processor will have a limit on the number of discs that can be replicated at one time. This can range anywhere from 20-1,000 discs at one time. You will want to make sure that you find a convenient number so that you can replicate the discs without having to restock.

2.Computer System Enabled. Just like the software in duplication, the equipment that compliments it also has specific operating systems that are enabled. You will want to make sure that you find a piece of equipment that is Mac or Windows enabled and is able to connect to your specific operating system year.

3.Printer capacity. All of the graphics and images that are placed into a CD, DVD or printer area is divided by the number of pixels. Each pixel will have certain colors contained in them as well as a certain number of dots for each color. You want to make sure that the equipment has a high number of pixels, also known as dpis, (dots per inch). The more dpis it has, the more details it will have in the graphics and colors you are displaying.

4.Publishing Possibilities. Each piece of equipment that you get not only contains customized options for discs, but also for formats. This means that some of the equipment will only print a CD, while others will be able to write DVDs, CDs and Blu-Ray. If you expect to build more than one format, you will also want to make sure that your duplicator is equipped to copy the right data.

5.Standalone. The technology for equipment has grown enough to where you don't have to have a computer in order to get the right results for duplication. There are now several pieces of equipment that, instead of attaching onto a computer, offer built in PCs. The capability then moves to you being able to replicate your CDs with the graphics in one place.

6.Towers. Part of the duplication process is having the ability to print more than one CD at one time. Some pieces of equipment will come with the capacity of only burning one disc at a time. However, if you are looking into long run options, you will also want to look into towers, which will allow you to burn up to 10 CDs or DVDs at one time.

7.Printer choices. With some equipment, you have options for printing. If you want a certain resolution or dpi with some equipment, you can change the printer that is used in the internal system of the equipment. This will allow you to create customized solutions for your discs.

8.Automation. One of the abilities of replication is to cut down on time and cost for getting your CD into a final product. When you have automation working in your favor, you will also have more options to automate what you are doing. You will want to make sure that the CDs can duplicate on their own, so that you can take the time to put together your other projects.

9.Network Options. If you think you will need to connect your CD duplication machine to the Internet or to a network, try to find the equipment that will compliment it with .net connections.

10. Brand. Before you look into any piece of equipment, check out your brand, it's reputation and how it has functioned in the past, specifically with the model number that you are getting. Not all pieces of equipment are created equal. You want to make sure you have the best of characteristics.

By combining these various points, you will easily be able to find a piece of equipment that fits best into your needs for CD duplication and replication. The result will be a system that is easy to handle and allows for you to reach full capacity with any type of audio that you are recording.


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