Ceiling Fan Pulls

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Ceiling Fan Pulls

Over the years, ceiling fans have constantly evolved to better keep up with the brisk advancements of technology. The all too clear threat of being rendered obsolete has certainly prompted the manufacturers to aggressively come with new and innovative designs to better compete with other products. From ceiling fan pulls, manufacturers have came up with remote controls and wall-mounted switch. However, there are some people who adamantly want the traditional design of ceiling fans, especially if they are working towards acquiring a more classic, elegant look. It seems that ceiling fans are not only considered not just an effective cooling system, it is also used as a charming accessory or an additional elegant detail in an interior décor of a home.

If you prefer the traditional look, chances are you will be presented with selections that have ceiling fan pulls or pullchains. A few of this designs are actually in the market today since it can be highly inconvenient and have the tendency to quickly wear out because of constant pulling. This is actually one of the most common repair issues since some people have the tendency to yank the ceiling fan pulls a little too hard. The bad news is most of the time it cannot be simply reattached, however it is inexpensive and quite simple to install that you can even replace it by yourself.

If you are thinking of replacing your already faulty ceiling fan pulls, make sure that to actually ask for the right one. There are some people who assume that since ceiling fan pulls practically look alike, they can buy any from the selection, which is one of the most common mistakes you would want to avoid. You have to know how many speed your ceiling fan has, since this is of course primarily controlled by the ceiling fan pulls. Secondly, you need to know how many wires will actually be used in connecting the pullchains. A three-speed fan would require 4 wires, and two-speed will need three wires.

Luckily enough, most hardware stores have the most common replacements of ceiling fan pulls. But if you really want to be more cautious, you can contact or go directly to the dealer or manufacturer of your ceiling fan so will be assisted as to what pullchain to purchase for the particular model of your fan. This is also more sensible since you will be able to possibly buy the original replacements for your fan.

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