Anger Management Certification

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Anger Management Certification

One out of five Americans has a problem with anger management. Anger is a natural human emotion. Thus, the problem is not the emotion itself, which is but normal to feel, but how you handle it.

When anger is mismanaged, the result could be catastrophic not only to your life but to others who are involved in your life. Mismanaged anger is the major cause of conflict in our personal and professional relationships. In fact, you may be familiar with the following examples of what happens when anger is mismanaged:

* Domestic abuse
* Road rage
* Workplace violence
* Divorce
* Addiction

Anger management is not a new concept. In fact, the term 'anger management' ways go way back in 1975 when it was first coined by Raymond Novaco, Ph.D., a University of California Irvine professor.

However, it wasn't until in the mid and late 1990s that anger management started to become popular in the media and with psychotherapists. As the popularity of anger management grew, various organizations over the last few years have begun offering anger management certification training to meet the demand for these services.

What types of anger management certification are available?

The types of anger management certification training available varies from organization to organization that offers them. There are some that offer 'live-in' person anger management certification trainings. Certification trainings like these often last from one day to three days, depending on the provider.

Other anger management certification trainings are offered as CD or DVD products that you can purchase and use to study at home. These may either be supplements to the actual trainings given or added as additional requirements of the training.

Still, others are faith-based or based on a particular method developed by the anger management therapist, anger resolution therapist, certified anger management facilitator, and certified anger management professional.

Where can you enroll for anger management certification?

Anger management certification training providers are located all throughout the country. The States of California, Texas, Illinois, New York, and Florida in particular have several certification training providers, but the models of intervention may be different. In addition, training requirements, continuing education, and supervision may also vary greatly.

There is no single organization that can legitimately tell consumes what the standards are for anger management certification or providers. Even the term 'standards' is used loosely here, for there are currently no state or federal laws that regulate anger management certification training or providers.

In light of this, many organizations and certification training providers have been proactive in gaining more approvals for anger management certification. These approvals include the California State Board of Corrections (Corrections Standards Authority), Board of Behavioral Sciences, the Texas Board of Alcohol and Addiction, CAADE, CAADAC, NAADAC, and CAARR.
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