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Summary: Soy products as a cholesterol lowering food.

So what is it about soy that makes it a cholesterol lowering food? Studies have associated its isoflavones content to work hand in hand with soy protein. Research has also confirmed that using soy protein instead of animal protein in a person's diet can actually result in lowering blood cholesterol level.

Intake of soy products has been associated with a decrease in LDL cholesterol level resulting in lower total blood cholesterol as well. Substances called isoflavones present in soybean products are found to be its cholesterol lowering food factor. A study made on 156 healthy people of different genders averaging about 52 years old has proven soy as a cholesterol lowering food. These people were divided into groups and were given different soy protein dosages. Those who received the highest dose of soy protein show a bigger drop in their total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein levels. Ongoing studies are still being conducted to confirm that the isoflavones content in soy products are responsible for the cholesterol lowering food property of soy.

Isoflavones, a rich form of which is soy, are plant chemicals also known as phytochemicals which are mostly lacking from typical Western diet. Scientific studies made have pointed out that isoflavones' presence with soy protein is responsible for making soy as a cholesterol lowering food. Extensive research and studies have shown that a high level of isoflavones in soy protein remarkably reduces cholesterol levels. A minimal amount or absence of it in soy proteins does not lower down the cholesterol level.

Isoflavones is not to be considered as a cholesterol lowering food itself. Experiments wherein isoflavones is taken in as a pill, about 80mg/day or two tablets of 40mg isoflavones, did not result in any change of blood cholesterol level in the persons being studied. Isoflavones work best with the presence of soy protein. With these two present, a more effective cholesterol lowering food is at hand. Ongoing researches are still being done to search for better and more thorough explanations on their cholesterol-lowering properties.

Soy protein as a cholesterol lowering food is just among the other possible health benefits that researchers found out. The other health-related advantages of soy protein are: it provides protection against some types of cancer, it gives relief from menopausal symptoms, it aids in the maintenance of healthy bones and it improves athletic capabilities. So, to soy and good health, cheers!

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