restoring dry cigars

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Restoring Dry Cigars

Cigar is equivalent to investment. Cigar lovers are always on the lookout for best vintage cigars even if they are expensive because the return of investment is higher and the pleasure is greater. Just like a bottle of wine, cigar's value skyrockets, as it gets older.

Cigar smoking is one fad that transcends many generations. Again just like wines, its followers is increasing with the passing of time. More and more cigar smokers are enjoying the luxury and the joy of a cigar puff.

A cigar is only as good as its moisture content. The moment the moisture is lost, the appeal of the cigar also vanishes in vain. A dry cigar will only become futile unless if you do something to save it from the damaging effect of high temperature. Before you decide to throw away your dry cigar, believing that is has lost its use, think again. There are some proven ways and techniques to restoring dry cigars, and salvaging your investment.

An old adage that goes, 'patience is a virtue', still holds true even up to this day, especially when restoring dry cigars. Just the thought of restoring dry cigars, takes up a lot of your patience, so if you can stretch it a little longer, then do it if you must, otherwise your dry cigar will be just as good as your piece of wood burning in your fireplace. Oh, it rather sounds an expensive way of warming up yourself from the cold winter nights.

Once you noticed that our premium sticks are beginning to dry up or are really dry, one proven first -aid remedy is to place in a box, then put the box inside a plastic container with a damp cloth or cotton. The purpose of doing this is to let the cigar breathe and help it restore its lost moisture. In other words, let the cigar rehydrate to let it achieve its suppleness that it once have.

Doing the routine is not very easy rather it could be demanding at times. The cigars inside the box need to be turned as you would your hotdog on a frying pan. This is to allow the other side to benefit from the humidity inside the plastic. Of course this is only way of doing it. There are still other ways of restoring dry cigars.

If you have a humidifier that has not been charged lately, place your dry cigar inside the humidor and let it stay for a week. Do the same thing of turning the sides of the cigars. After a couple of weeks or a month perhaps, the cigar should have been rehydrated which will give you the signal to recharged the humidor to a 6070 humidity in a temperature of 65-68F.

By the time your cigar has regain its moisture, it will be the best time to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Get that cigar out at smoke it all you can.

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