Ebook Publication is a Breeze on Clickbank

Ebook Publication is a Breeze on Clickbank

A lot has changed in the world because of the internet and nowhere is that more noticeable than the publishing industry. At one time the big publishing houses ruled the land like wizards from stone castles and any fledgling author who wanted to have a prayer to get a book published had to scale those walls. That meant a lot of talented writers and some excellent books never saw the light of day because the executives in those companies did not see a profit margin in it for them.

Just as in the music industry where music distributing has been completely overhauled by the internet, publishing has gone through a similar revolution. It's a people's revolution too because no longer is it the large publishing houses that tell the public what they can or cannot read. Now good authors can get their works out there simply by producing an ebook. And merchandising services like Clickbank have completed the cycle by making merchandising, marketing and distribution a breeze as well.

There was a time that the term "self publishing" created the image of some pitiful quack with an axe to grind paying one of those do it yourself companies to put his book into prepaid print to be sold out of the back seat of his car. But there is a new respectability to self publishing because so many ebooks have reached the public that were of just as high a quality anything the big publishers could have put out. And for the aspiring author, moving to an internet based business model when it comes to publishing your book makes a lot of sense.

It is the ability of even writers just starting out to be a big success with online publishing that has made this revolution possible. And there is no doubt that the reason for that ability becoming so easy for writers to access is due in a large part to Clickbank. Clickbank being an internet marketplace devoted 100% to digital product sales and distribution is an ideal place for an ebook writer to find success. And by simply going through the well known steps for merchandising their works, an author doesn't have to become an "expert" internet marketer at all, just be good at following directions.

Step one is simply to write your book. You, the author know how to do this and the merchandiser doesn't need to teach you your craft. A word processor any sort is a fine tool for the composition and you can put the finished product together as a PDF file or as a compiled ebook using a commercially available ebook compiler.

Now to give Clickbank what they need to merchandise your ebook, you will need a very simple web site. This doesn't have to have dancing babies on it, just basically two pages of html that can respond to internet traffic flow when Clickbank sends it your way. After setting up the web site, just follow ClickBank's instructions to set up the ecommerce software on the site which will also make possible the payment for the book. That's all you need and you have the means to make a lot of money selling your ebook on Clickbank.

Now you are free to play with that web site and make it as elaborate as you wish. But the beauty of the simplicity of the basic Clickbank system is it can work at the barebones level just fine and let you go back to do what you are good at doing and what you love to do which is to write. As you compose your next masterpiece, things will be happening in the marketing of your existing book on the market that you don't have to do a thing to help along.

The 150,000 affiliates on Clickbank will get wind of this new exciting ebook product and they can quickly link it into their sales mechanism without even telling you it happened. That means that a virtual internet marketing army will be able to sell your book with complete liberty taking their small commission and bulging out your bank account while you never know who they are and you never will know. All you know is the market value of your book will be fully realized on Clickbank which means financial stability for you. And for a creative soul, that is a highly prized commodity.


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