Binary Geek Clock

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Binary Geek Clock

Very much unlike before, the lines separating differences are already faded. What is abhorrent in the past is now okay these days. Acceptance is a trendy virtue. Old men can only shake heads and sigh. Spiked hairs, Mohawk haircuts and body piercing are just the examples of abhorrent behavior accepted nowadays.

But not all acceptances can be dismay for the conformists of the society. Other differences are accepted as well, even showcased just like navel tattoos. Like the geek personality - he could start a topic about the wittiness of binary geek clocks.

The binary geek clock is indeed a topic starter, a conversation piece. It advertises the geek if it does nothing else. Or it could advertise in the same degree the idiocy of using such device. So far the binary geek clock is the only timepiece that requires a minute spent for calculation to tell the time. And so far, only those who have excellent mathematical prowess can use the device to an extent. The rest should probably have to learn some basic computer concepts.

The binary geek clock works in a simple manner. In fact, it isn't even a new science. The binary numeral system is an ancient number system that has found wide applications in computer science, its on-off aspects work perfectly with bulbs and resistors. So while the binary geek clock is a new clock innovation, individuals with computer science background, particularly in the switch operation, don't feel extra special with this clock.

So what does this binary geek clock do? What it does is show, through a series of lit LEDs, the representation of time. The time is then extracted through summing up the numerical values of the lit LEDs. It has two columns each for the hours, minutes and seconds.

Binary geek clocks are still a welcome concept, if only for those who won't feel cheated at the steep price for an age old algorithm implementation. These clocks will signify that geeks are indeed a coveted personality in the trend, a girl winner, and a trendsetter. And that is one refreshing thought. Why? Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Leonhard Euler, these thoroughly renowned personalities aren't on any child's fantasy. No one wants to suit up like Einstein on Halloween. On the contrary, a number of brainless youths sport Charles Manson t-shirts and strut like a peacock. But if it takes several binary geek clocks to have a good number of children dressing up like Einstein on Halloween, then it could be well worth it.

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