Employee Time Clock Software

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Employee Time Clock Software

In order to keep a good track on the number of hours that have been acquired by your subordinates, it would be highly- recommended for you to have an employee time clock software. This is more than helpful in making the payroll especially if the compensation is based on the number of hours present in the office. Not to mention, that there is no more need for the traditional 'punch' system where every moment they begin and end the day, they utilize a machine and insert their DTR. This will also make professionals matters even more organized wherein the data can be read and exported. Its installment is very easy so as long as you have a computer, it would be hassle- free.

At www.officezone.com, there is a list of employee time clock software that is available at prices that are reasonable. It is among the leading online source of products in the service industry. Offering a wide range of supplies and machines, they also offer a 30- day low price guarantee. They can be reached by visiting their website or their toll free number at 1- 800- 543- 5454.

Attendance RX is a time clock employee software that eliminates the requirement for any kind of badges. It is very versatile which will even take close notice of extended working hours, holidays, shifts and pay period policies. This is very helpful for light industrial environment where it can exchange data with famous Quick Books Pro as well as export data to different payroll programs. Setting- up is very easy where it includes a 'wizard' that gives a step- by- step process for the launch to be hassle- free. It is also designed to be applied in several personal computers that have been networked as a station for employees to log in and out. It features a terminal access that can be upgraded as well as administrator that can view the entire look. It is compatible in hardware such as an Intel Pentium II processor, 128 MB server, 150 MB free hard drive space and NIC ethernet network card, among the others. It can be bought starting at $99. 00.

iPC Attendance is an employee time clock software that will be a great advantage for those who are on a tight budget as it is very cost effective. It can be utilized with employees as little as five or as big as a hundred. Carefully considering calculations for those who will be having overtimes, it includes three categories on how it will be checked. It can even export data to other payroll programs such as Americpay, Quickbooks, Paycheck and others. Defying the conventional way of utilizing time cards, it saves a lot of time as well as money. With a docking station, it has a feature called iButton where it can be utilized for logging in and out of work. It can be bought starting at $278.
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