Coyote Fur Coats

Coyote Fur Coats

Coyote fur coats are one of the best fur garments. Coyote fur is a long-haired fur that is often gray or tan in color with thick paler underfur. It is very durable and warm that makes it a very luxurious coat for both women and men. The coyote is a native to North America and were considered as pests as they often attacked domestic farm animals as well as other wild animals. Fur manufacturers started experimenting with coyote furs and found that their once considered 'useless' skin, were very excellent fur skins for coats.

Today, coyote fur coats are one of the favorites of fur lovers and have built a name for it. Coyote fur coats are not only loved for its smooth, soft, warm and naturally attractive colored fur, but also for the character it brings along with it, wild, bold, and beautiful. Here are some elegant and exquisite coyote fur coats:

Stunning 53' Plush Coyote Fur Coat M/L by Purple Shoshana
This coyote fur coat is plush thick and brand new. It features a cozy plush shawl collar, two side pockets, furrier hooks closure, and fully let out carefully selected matching plush coyote pelts. It will fit size M/L and initials can be requested for free. This coyote fur coat comes from a non smoking furrier storage room and will make a great gift for someone or yourself. This coat is top quality, warm, and durable.
Price: $2,700.00

Unique Red Coyote Fur Coat S/M by Purple Shoshana
This stunning red coyote fur coat is unique in color and is brand new. Featuring a fully let out plush pelts, shawl collar, furrier hooks for closure, two side pockets, and satin lining. Adjustments will be made for free and initial requests as well.
Price: $1,299.00

Plush Hooded Coyote and Fox Fur Coat M/L by Purple Shoshana
This gorgeous hooded plush coyote and shadow fox coat features a design of cozy detachable hood with white fox trim. It also features collar fashions white fox shawl, fully let out soft supple coyote pelts, two side pockets, large fold back cuffs, and furrier hooks for closure.
Price: $1, 549.00

54.5' Stunning Coyote Fur Coats S/M
This elegant designer coyote fur coat is brand new and length is almost 55'. It features top grade soft pelts that's shows a lot of white and are designed to give a non bulky look with the long hair fur. The design features a very large shawl collar, two side pockets, furrier hooks for closure, and beautiful light color pelts fully let out.
Price: $2,999.00

Ankle Length Coyote & Fox Coat by Furs by Chrys
This absolutely gorgeous genuine coyote and white fox fur coat is glamorously designed ankle length. Featuring white fox tuxedo and collar trim with spiraled sleeves having an alternating coyote and white fox pelts ending in coyote cuffs. The design also features two exterior pockets and a pocket hidden in the lining which is solid taupe and no monograph. Built in shoulder pads, furrier's locking clips and extra closure at the collar.
Price: $1,525.00

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