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Chris Ledoux Copenhagen

Before becoming a flourishing independent country singer, Chris Ledoux was a rodeo champ, famous for his skills in bareback-riding; he made a name in the music industry through writing numerous songs about 'rodeo life'. Born in 1948 at Biloxi, MS, he often moved around during his childhood, which was indispensable because his father was in the Air Force. At age 13, he first tried his luck with rodeo riding in Denison Texas, and soon started winning junior matches.

After his family relocated to Cheyenne Wyoming during his high school years, Chris Ledoux still continued riding; and eventually after graduating, he triumphed in the Wyoming State Rodeo Championship; this earned him the Caspar College rodeo scholarship. Pursuing his dreams, he learned the sport at Eastern New Mexico and Sheridan, and won the riding competition for Intercollegiate National Bareback Riding Championship; and the 1976 World Bareback Championship later.

In 1970, he became a pro and earned a living through rodeo prize money; it was also during these times that he started writing songs about the way of life in rodeo; it was rather a specialty since at the time no other performers of country songs focused on rodeo. His very first composition was entitled 'Bareback Jack', and soon after in 1972, in a friend's basement, he recorded songs that would total an album. Later, Chris Ledoux along with his father, started a recording company called the American Cowboy Songs, and they started selling tapes during rodeo events just out the back of his truck. The songs consequently became quiet a lucrative income for Ledoux, which made him write more songs dedicated to rodeo life, which in turn overtook his successful career in rodeo.

Chris Ledoux Copenhagen was one of his popular compositions whose libretto centered on the popular Copenhagen tobacco eminent among rodeo riders. The lyrics of Chris Ledoux Copenhagen song was all about the good feelings that was brought about by, as he put it 'spittin' and a-slobberin' of Copenhagen tobacco. The song captured the fun and enjoyment of this rodeo 'habit' that also captured the hearts of many fans who could relate to what the song imparted.

Chris Ledoux Copenhagen song's famous recitation lines 'It cures fits, warts, freckles, coughs, cold, runny nose ….make conception a wonder and child birth a pleasure …that's Copenhagen' are words that have put a smile on every rodeo rider's face and the fans in general. Even after his death in March 2005, Chris Ledoux Copenhagen song still remains to be among one of his most entertaining compositions sure to put a beat on every rodeo boots.

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