Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco

Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco

Do you always find yourself stealing glances at the watch hoping that cigarette breaks happen more often than usual? Do you find yourself cursing the guy who put up the 'no smoking' sign right on your favorite smoking spot?

Lighten up, or should I say, there's no need lighting up. Cigarette breaks may not come, for all you care. Or they can hang 'no smoking' signs in every corner, and you don't get fazed. Smokeless tobacco lets you satisfy your cravings without the guilt.

The year 1822 gave birth to Copenhagen smokeless tobacco. It was the oldest brand in the market, and remains to be the most genuine and the highest-selling smokeless tobacco. Its faithful consumers' love for Copenhagen smokeless tobacco's fine quality and taste earned it retail sales that go beyond $1 billion.

Copenhagen smokeless tobacco is proud of its freshness. The bottom of each can shows the stamped 'manufactured date' which is a unique feature of the product. People who have been loyal to Copenhagen smokeless tobacco choose it over other brands because of its unwavering reputation all through the years.

Copenhagen smokeless tobacco is a brand of dipping tobacco. This type of moist smokeless tobacco is sometimes called 'dip', while its use is known as 'having a dip', 'having a lip', or 'dipping'. The dipping tobacco is usually confused with the chewing type of smokeless tobacco. But the two are different. The dipping type, of which Copenhagen smokeless tobacco is the most popular brand, 'works' by taking a tiny mass of dip out of its tin and placing it between the gum and the upper or lower lip. In other words, the dip is made to rest on the mouth's inner linings. Those who use dip tobacco can often be seen spitting out the excess saliva that is generated during dipping. Spitting is necessary because otherwise, it can result to throat irritation and nausea.

The three textures of Copenhagen smokeless tobacco are the Long Cut, Fine Cut, and Mid-Cut. The disparity between the first two textures can be seen through the lengths of each of the tobacco strands. If the Fine Cut is in small chunks, the Long Cut is in longer lengths. Mid-Cut is somewhere between the two other textures.

Copenhagen smokeless tobacco is mostly available in its usual 1.2oz. tins. But pouches, created for beginners and those who want an easier way of handling them, are made available in 2002.

A smokeless environment means a safer one. It may not be as safe to those who use smokeless tobacco, but it is a great consolation that they're sparing others from the ill effects of smoke.

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