Crystal Wedding Favors

Crystal Wedding Favors

Weddings are very special occasions that require only the best of everything, from the ceremony, to the party, to little special things such as wedding favors. Wedding favors have been historically traditional for every wedding as they symbolize the couple's luck, sharing it with every guest at the wedding, and a way of thanking them.

Crystal wedding favors are the epitome of sophistication when choosing wedding favors. They are timeless keepsakes with gorgeously cut crystal in different designs and symbols of the special day celebrated. They become radiant reminders of how much each guest is appreciated. Here are some elegant and adorable crystal wedding favors to perfect a memorable day:

Choice Crystal by Fashioncraft - Long Stem Rose
These crystal wedding favors, Long Stem Rose, are a symbol of love, strength, and beauty, which is a lasting favorite as a decorative compliment to any occasion, especially weddings. These crystal favors truly capture the essence of the rose from the fine makers Fashioncraft. Every 3 -inch long stem rose, features a luminous crystal bud atop a silver metal stem with embossed leaves, surrounded by satin inside a signature silver heart design box tied with an organza and satin bow with a crystal heart on top and an attached heart-shaped matching tag. These crystal favors make for a stunning presentation.
Price: $1.09

Crystal Shoe in Clear Box
These crystal wedding favors are a perfect reminder of Cinderella's slipper for all who still believe that dreams do come true. On an especially romantic day, these crystal favors will compliment the romance of a fairy tale come true. The shoe is remarkably the like of Cinderella's famous lost glass slipper. This is an ornately designed crystal shoe intricately carved and with rhinestone-accented bow cast in elegant pewter embellishing the tip of the shoe. Every crystal shoe is four inches in length, perfect for paperweight or trinket cabinet treasure, individually packed in a clear plastic box for trouble-free distribution, topped off with white organza bow and heart-shaped thank you tag.
Price: $3.79

Choice Crystal by Fashioncraft - Perfume Bottle
These crystal wedding favors are functionally elegant with endless appeal, which features a shimmering versatile crystal perfume bottle base with a silver accented crystal heart alighted on its top. The bottle's top screws off to reveal an attached glass applicator inside. It is presented in a signature silver heart design box surrounded by satin inside, tied with an organza satin bow with a crystal heart on top and attached heart-shaped matching tag.
Price: $2.75

There are other crystal wedding favors such as crystal candy dishes, bottle stoppers, romantic hearts, lush fruits, flower candle, crystal bell, and votives that will shine through these exceptional occasions that will give each guest a keepsake in memory for years to come.
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