Connecticut School of Culinary Arts

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Connecticut School of Culinary Arts

Are you in search of a Connecticut school of culinary arts? The Connecticut Culinary Institute will definitely take you to a fun, exhilarating, and thriving world of the culinary arts.

The year 1987 opened the doors to the Farmington, Connecticut school of culinary arts. The Connecticut Culinary Institute which is located in a suburb of the state's capital, Hartford, is the institutions first of two branches. Since it was put up, this Connecticut school of culinary arts has been providing students with their famous flexible class schedules. Classes are held during the day or evenings so that the opportunity to learn the culinary arts is within everyone's grasp.

A branch campus was established in Suffield by this Connecticut school of culinary arts in September 2000. It lies on 64 acres of land and is a few minutes away from the Bradley International Airport. This 2nd campus is home to a student housing facility, seven teaching kitchens, and a computer laboratory.

The main campus in Farmington was moved to downtown Hartford in March 2006 and occupies a 367,000 square-foot hotel in the area. This move has brought many great things to this Connecticut school of culinary arts as well as to the students enrolled in the school. Several restaurants, hotels, and entertainment establishments can be found near the campus. On top of that, six new teaching kitchens were added to the current production kitchen that the campus has. Other amenities that this Connecticut school of culinary arts is proud of include two amphitheatres, a computer laboratory, and a Learning Resource Center.

The Connecticut Culinary Institute boasts of small classes and skilled professors. The size of their classes is very significant as it leaves plenty of time for the faculty to focus on each of the needs of the students. This Connecticut school of culinary arts is geared towards a lot of hands-on-training. Students are actually provided with a lot of opportunity to carry out what they learn during the lectures.

Financial Aid is also extended by the Connecticut Culinary Institute to all qualified individuals. Applicants who wish to seek help in financing their education may consult Financial Aid Advisers who are tasked to evaluate and figure out the type of aid that each one is qualified to receive.

This Connecticut school of culinary arts does not limit its services to educating students with the necessary skills and training, but it also provides them with a lot of outstanding opportunities outside the school. One of these is the paid externships in numerous fine business establishments. An exposure to the real culinary industry does not only hone your skills and increase your knowledge, but most importantly, it increases your chances of acquiring a great career in culinary arts.

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